How to Adapt Your Wardrobe to Fashion’s Changing Silhouettes

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and new silhouettes are key to staying current. However, it’s important to stay true to your own personal style without feeling left behind. For example, if you’ve been wearing skinny jeans or pants for years, and now wide leg pants are coming back in, you may wonder how to adapt…

Using the Principle of Volume to Flatter Your Body Shape

Balance is the concept of visual equilibrium. When we talk about dressing for your body shape and body proportions, what we are trying to do create visual balance. There are 4 main principles of co-ordination that influences how you achieve balance with your outfits. These are: Levels of Refinement Principle of Volume Related Shapes Related Lines When…

46: Colour and Style Q&A: A shape Can I wear dark top, Adding the right contrast with an accessory and can you be a mix of warm and cool?

If you have an ideal value of medium light and medium-low value contrast but are an A shape – can you wear dark tops? 
My young son has warm skin and cool eyes – can he be a mix of colouring?
If I’m neutrals plus 2 colours can I just wear a different coloured necklace to the colour in my top, or do I need to add that colour to more areas of my outfit – such as a bracelet too?