67: Colour and Style Q&A: How can an 8 Shape Wear Kimono?, How do I Look Glamorous in Summer?, How do I have a Wardrobe Full of Outfits?

In this Episode

0.09 I love the look of a kimono – how can an 8 Shape wear this?
1.41 How do I look glamorous in summer when I’m at home when I’m not wearing shorts and tees that make me feel sloppy
3.32 How do I have a wardrobe full of outfits that are fine for work at home, but that I don’t need a complete change of clothes when I go into town for meetings?

Kimono Style

Kimonos are great to add a light layer of warmth when required plus they fold up really small and don't add weight to your packing - travel packing tips

The Fashion Trend Item That Works for Every Woman

How to Train Your Eye To Create Stylish Outfits

Explore the Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk Exhibition at the V&A

Summer Casual Style

15 Summer Style Outfit Ideas to Steal

Spring and Summer Looks for High Value Contrast

3 Easy Ways to Add Interest to Your Summer Outfits When It’s Too Hot to Add Layers

Dress up and Down for Business and Working from Home 

Dressing Up Your Casual Clothing

How to Make a Classic Garment Suit a Casual Lifestyle

12 Work Outfit Ideas to Steal

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