61: Colour and Style Q&A: Contrast for Clear Colouring, Figure out Your Face Shape, How do You Dress a Body?

In This Episode

 0.08 Can a person have a low value contrast and still be clear in their colouring?
3.05 How to figure out your face shape -mine is longer with a curved jaw and a square forehead?
8.27 How do you dress a body that is an H from the front, an apple from the side and a pear from the back?

Intensity of Colouring

Understanding Colour Properties

Understanding Basic Colour Terminology

Understanding Warm and Muted Colours

Figuring Out Face Shape

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

Importance of Placement of Facial Features For Determining Face Shape

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

Body Shape, Lateral Body Shape and Body Variations

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress H Shape Bodies

What’s Your Side View – Round or Elliptical?

What Guidelines to Follow When Your Body Shape isn’t “Standard”

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