226: Colour and Style Q&A: How can I look more feminine, new ways to wear your clothes, and find clothes for large hips.

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0.05 I would love to feel feminine in my clothes. I have V figure (strong) and have always felt very masculine because of it. And I was not born with style. So it is always struggle to choose and combine clothes and I rarely feel good in what i chose. And with my figure it is always Problem to find nice clothes which match my back and breasts and wouldn’t be too big around belly.
How can I look more feminine while flattering my V shape figure?
4.14 My biggest style problem is to think of new ways to wear my clothes. I don’t get new clothes very often at all. I like thinking of (and wearing) new outfits, but I don’t have a whole lot of clothes so I sometimes really run out of ideas. Any ideas?
7.35 I’ve discovered as I have been trying to find clothes large enough to fit around my newly enlarged hips I have way too much fabric from my waist to my inseam in the front. Is my only hope a tailor to customize clothes or is there a special size or rise or shape that might help?

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