Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
149: Colour and Style Q&A: How to find clothes that make me feel confident and stylish, figure out if you're warm or cool and white isn't good for others

In This Episode

0.08 I struggle to find clothes that make me feel confident and stylish – I am natural romantic with classic influences and work in a corporate environment and wear suits all the time. My struggle is how to be feminine but still professional at work, and then comfortable and stylish at home?
3.34 How do you figure out if you’re warm or cool? I’ve been told I’m a summer and a warm autumn?
10.09 Why do people think white isn’t good on them? If you make people wear white when draping them, doesn’t it mean it’s good for everyone? 


How to Create a Stylish Outfit

How to Understand the Yin and Yang of Clothing

Tips for the Plus Size

How to Create Dramatic Outfits When Your Most Flattering Colours are Soft and Smoky

F is for Feminine

Understanding Your Colour Analysis

Why Colour Analysis has Evolved Beyond the Seasons

9 Ways Knowing Your Best Colours Will Change Your Life as Well as Your Wardrobe

5 Colour Concept Essentials You Need to Understand To Create Harmonious Outfits

How Often Should You Re-Evaluate Your Style Recipe and Colour Palette

Wearing Your White

How to Choose Your Perfect White

When Should You Wear White in Winter?

My Style: White is My New Black

Styling a White Tailored Shirt

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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