The Magic of Outfit Focal Points


Why are focal points in your outfits so important?  They are the key to figure flattery.


What Are Outfit Focal Points

They create a place for the eye to stop and rest, drawing attention away from body parts you choose to camouflage, distracting, like the magician distracts you as they perform their illusions. Check out how to become your own style magician here.


The magic of outfit focal points

When you look at an outfit, there may be some more or less obvious focal points.  In the outfit above, there are a few smaller focal points and some more obvious.  Let’s look at what they are:


The magic of outfit focal points

Starting at the bottom and working up:

  • Shoes that are not blended with jeans – provide a focal point 
  • There is seaming detail on the jeans – more subtle but still creating a focal point on the thighs
  • Bracelets provide a focal point drawing attention to wrists and hands
  • The trumpet cuff on the jacket sleeve creates a focal point also focusing around the wrists and hands
  • The necklace provides a focal point above the bust

and did you notice the one that I didn’t mention in the image?  Yes, it’s the dark trim on the top that creates a high contrast against my pale skin, grabbing attention also in the decolletage.

Where have I not drawn attention in this outfit – where there are no focal points?  It’s my lower torso!  That’s what I don’ t want people to notice, what I’m more keen on camouflaging.

The magic of outfit focal points and the impact of an alternate top hem colour

I could have created a focal point by adding in an alternate hem colour like I’m illustrating in the image above, but that just draws attention to my hips and mid-section, and not what I’m personally after and it creates an additional horizontal line (and as we know from my rules of horizontal lines – they are broadening).

In the video, I show you an example of where to end your necklaces to provide the best focal point for your body – check out this post here which gives you more details on it!

If you’re not sure of your body shape and where to put focal points – you can find out with my body shape bibles – do my free calculator quiz here to discover your shape and then download your body shape bible.  If you’d like my professional opinion on your shape, you can get it as part of my 7 Steps to Style program (along with so much more to help you define and refine your personal colours and style).


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The magic of outfit focal points

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  • Imogen, I really like you in that jacket/striped top combo, both the style and colours look so good on you; also I feel more than a slight suggestion of butterfly wings in those jacket sleeves (I believe the butterfly to be one of your fav motifs if I remember correctly?). Was this a conscious factor in choosing, or just come out?!

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