Styling Dresses Not as Dresses


To finish up my Frocktober efforts at styling dresses in different ways I’ve been raising much-needed money to support the life-saving research of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who are working hard funding scientists to find an early detection test for ovarian cancer.  Please support my fundraising efforts here... every dollar makes a difference (and I thank all of you who have already made a donation from the bottom of my heart for your generosity).

Dresses are great as they can be a “one item” outfit.  You can also layer a vest, cardigan or jacket over the top (which I’ve shared here with different ways of styling a dress) and you can make them more trans-seasonal with under and outer layers (which I shared here).

Here I thought I’d put my styling nouse to the test and wear a couple of dresses, not as dresses.

How To Style a Dress with Jeans

Styling Dresses Not as Dresses

I wore this shirt dress as a dress with a cardigan layered over the top here.   

Styling Dresses Not as Dresses - how to style a dress with jeans

But given that it buttons all the way up, it can so easily be worn as a third piece (or outer layer).   I decided that it would make an excellent duster style layer over a pair of white skinny jeans.

how to style a dress with jeans

How to Style a Dress with a Skirt

Styling Dresses Not as Dresses


This off-the-shoulder dress works perfectly well on its own (it’s from Motto) and is great on a warm day.  It’s the ideal one-piece outfit, not having to think about what to pair with it.

But then… I thought rather than thinking what can I put over it, I decided that I’d wear it under other layers…

how to style a dress with a skirt

But why not wear a fitted dress as a top.  I put my arms through the shoulder holes so that the frill drape went under my arms, allowing me to add the duster jacket over the top easily and without bulk.  Then I popped on a denim skirt over the top of the dress.

how to style a dress with a skirt


Do you wear your dresses in more unusual ways?  I’d love you to share your dress styling ideas in the comments!

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How to Style One Patterned Dress Five Ways


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  • Yes, I do change up my dresses/skirts. I have a lovely, fine knit, silk jersey dress with a cabbage rose print that I wear as a blouse under a skirt. I also have a black cashmere, ankle length, straight skirt that I pull up over my chest and wear as a dress. The skirt has a self fringe at the hem and each fringe piece has a black jet bead tied on it. When wearing as a dress, I wear with a medium width, black velvet belt and a short, black velvet jacket. I love this piece! I bought it 20+ years ago at Neiman Marcus Last Call at a bargain price.

  • Hi Imogen, love this post. Really like the idea of versatility in a dress ! I often wear a dress as a tunic over skinny jeans, mixing feminine and masculine elements. But, for me, the dress has to be on the shorter side- definitely not knee length or
    it looks weird. And not all dresses work like this- I have to play it by ear to see which dress is playful enough.

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