5 Ways to Rock Your Frocks


Frocktober continues and I’m sharing more dress styling ideas for you to try with your own dresses at home.  Please make a small donation to my fundraising efforts to help find an early detection test for ovarian cancers which is a silent killer of many women.  Your donation will help save lives.  And I want to say a big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made a donation. You rock my world!

I love a dress because they are so easy to wear.  Not only do you only “have” to think about one garment (maximum two if you’re adding a layer), they are fast and easy to put on, and you look more dressed up with less effort than almost any other garment!

This week I’ve been styling a couple of dresses a few ways.

Dress it Down with Denim


5 Ways to Rock Your Frocks

A denim jacket is the easiest way to make a dress look more casual.  This dress (Leona Edmiston, past season) has a split sleeve and is easy to wear to a dressier function, so denim is the ideal way to make it daytime appropriate.

Funk it Up with Fur

5 Ways to Rock Your Frocks

Adding a faux fur Gillette (vest) is another way to add warmth and a bit of fun to a dress during this kind of trans-seasonal weather where it’s chilly in the morning but warmer later in the day.

Knot a White Shirt


5 Ways to Rock Your Frocks

Over a navy sheath dress, I’ve layered a white shirt which I’ve knotted at the waist to give it some shape as otherwise, it would look like a saggy baggy sack.

Shrug Up

5 Ways to Rock Your Frocks

Adding a red shrug, belt, necklace and Scarlettos ballet flats adds a pop of colour (beauty bundle alert) and some colour contrast to my neutral navy.

Dust it Off

5 Ways to Rock Your Frocks

This patterned duster in blue and white creates a long slimming line over the dress as well as a light layer for added warmth.

Frocktober 2017

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5 Ways to Rock Your Frocks


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  • Any suggestions for petites wearing dusters? Even column dressing with same color tops and bottoms doesn’t seem to work. Too frumpy for an older lady. And the pockets at the hips add to the house dress look. Thanks for your response.

  • I love the duster over the blue dress. Why doesn’t it look shapeless, since the duster is loose? Is it because of the belt underneath?

    • The duster has shaping built in already (it’s not baggy) so that helps and having a slim silhouette underneath allows for the principal of volume to work it’s magic.

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