Shopping Strategies – Are You Better Shopping Alone or With Someone?


Shopping strategies how to shop - alone or with someone - video

In this first of 3 videos on the topic of shopping, Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss in this video one of the shopping processes that is worth thinking about to have the best shopping result for you.  These tips on shopping strategies will have you understanding more about how you can shop in a way that achieves the right results for you.

We ask the question:

Are you Better Off Shopping Alone or With Someone? ¬†What’s Your Shopping Strategy?

When I’m shopping for myself, I’m definitely better shopping alone. Shopping with a client is different as I’m not looking for me, but I do have a limit on the amount of time I can shop and still have good energy – which is why I’ve become a very fast and efficient shopper for my clients.

This is an important shopping strategy to know about yourself, so you can set yourself up for the most effective shopping experiences for you!

Are you best shopping alone or with a friend, family member or personal stylist? What are your experiences? Please share!

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  • Great subject! Thank you for addressing this… After doing my own year without clothes shopping (Thank you Jill Chivers!), I have learned that I do better at staying on my list and power pausing when shopping alone. It also helps me avoid the pressure purchase. When shopping with others, I am usually there to help them.

  • I enjoy shopping with my mother and my husband, and I also had a friend back in high school with whom I enjoyed shopping. I have never had fun shopping as a social activity outside of that, and your video has finally helped me to understand why.

    I like to shop, even just window shopping, but I am a very critical consumer. I am thrifty, I am hard to fit (petite and curvy), and I am slow to purchase unless the item is perfect for me. It is, in my experience, difficult to find someone who will be satisfied with looking for an extended period of time without my buying anything. My worst shopping trips have been with my mother-in-law (who is a compulsive shopper) and friends who are cash poor, because there was so much social pressure to purchase something that may be barely flattering. There is a thrill of purchasing, even if you are not the one making the purchase, and that can create pressure on others. In comparison, my mother and husband (and my old friend) are constructively critical and won’t hesitate to help me pick apart the pros and cons of an outfit if I am unsure.

    All this time, I have thought I was just not “girly” enough to enjoy shopping excursions! Thank you for helping me to understand myself a bit better. I loved Jill’s “art gallery” approach! The next time I am asked to go shopping, I’m going to openly employ that technique. That way I can enjoy the shopping without the pressure.

  • I prefer shopping alone when I am actually purchasing for myself. I enjoy shopping with others when they are looking for something or if we are just getting together (love Jill’s art gallery approach as well!)

    I do enjoy shopping with my 16-year old daughter as she is honest about how things look, makes great suggestions, and pushes me a bit when I need it!

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