Inspired by a Street Style Photo – Weekend Style Challenge


Get inspired for your next outfit with some street style


Many of us can get pretty bored with our outfits and lack inspiration in putting them together.

Many of you tell me too that you want to get your contrast levels right. Why is this?  Well once you’ve seen the power of contrast you suddenly realise why so many outfits you’ve put together before just aren’t quite right.

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For this style challenge I want you to find a street style outfit (just google “Street Style Outfit” and do the image search and you will find thousands) that would work for your ideal value and contrast levels (just like I discussed in this post) and then shopping your wardrobe, put together a similar outfit.

If you like wearing a certain colour, add that colour into your search bar at the same time so you will bring up a more refined set of results.  Or if you want it to be a jeans outfit or one with a scarf, just add that to your query.

Street Style Inspiration

Add a hat in your hair colour

Here’s a possible outfit, a camel coat with a gorgeous orange coloured hat with jeans.  Adding a hat in your hair colour to your winter outfit really sets this outfit off!


belt over your coat - outfit inspiration


I love the idea here of adding a big wide leather belt over your winter coat.

Outfit inspiration

Add a little structure to your comfy sweater outfit when you go outside with a leather moto jacket.


Street style - outfit inspiration - Judi Dench

Go neutral like Judi Dench in slim pants and a linen duster.

There are so many fabulous outfit ideas out there, why not share the  your street style outfit inspiration photo with your outfit over on my Style Lounge.

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