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Many of you will have a wardrobe that has items that don’t get worn that often, and other pieces that are worn all the time. That old Pareto Principle of 80/20 rule comes in here too – that you are most likely to wear the same 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.

Now what about that 80% that gets worn less frequently? Your weekend style challenge is to make outfits all weekend that are from that 80% part of your wardrobe. You are going to completely ignore the regularly worn clothes.

Work Your Wardrobe - weekend style challenge - get more value from your wardrobe

Why Work Your Wardrobe?

  1. It will help you discover why you don’t wear some of the pieces in your wardrobe.
  2. It will make you more creative as you force your brain to think up new outfits and combinations.
  3. It will assist you in seeing if you have common fit issues (which is why you’ve been avoiding these clothes) and you will become more selective when you purchase clothing that these fit issues are your nemesis and should be avoided.  Get my tips on finding the perfect fit here.
  4. It will most likely make you start wearing more of your wardrobe, you may discover pieces that you will add to your regular wearing pieces, you’ll wonder why you’ve been ignoring those garments.
  5. It will tell you if you’re keeping dated items that no longer deserve a place in your wardrobe.
  6. It will assist you in clearing clutter.  If you get to the end of the day and can’t wait to take off a garment, then let it go!  Let it leave your wardrobe forever.
  7. It will make you more aware of your poor shopping choices.  Are you buying multiples of the same kind of garment?  Do you wear the “best” but avoid the “2nd best”? Are you buying orphans?  Ask these 5 questions before you shop again.
  8. It will help you to understand the styles of clothes that flatter your shape.  Often garments that we don’t wear aren’t flattering for some reason or other.  It could be the texture, the stiffness of the fabric, the wrong shape for your body or unflattering proportions.
  9. It will make you more aware of what is your style and what is not.  Do these pieces truly reflect your personality and your style recipe?

By making yourself wear these garments, turning them into outfits with each other, will really help you to understand more about what doesn’t work for your shape, preferences on the kinds of fabrics you enjoy wearing, whether or not you work with a palette of colours or your wardrobe is haphazard and it’s hard to mix and match.

Take time to notice how you feel in the garments.  If they are uncomfortable, if you don’t find them flattering, if they aren’t representative of who you are and how you want to be perceived, then why are they taking up valuable closet space?


Work your wardrobe - weekend style challenges from Inside Out Style
This top and jacket I don’t frequently wear. The top because I tend either to be too hot, or too cold (it’s not thick but it has long sleeves). The jacket, because it’s black and I don’t like black on me now that I’m a blonde.

Remember, you should be treating your wardrobe like a kitchen (read what I mean about that here!).

Each outfit you wear, rate it, ask yourself “how great does this make me feel?”  If you rate it a 6 or less out of 10 – what’s the reason?  If it can be fixed, then fix it.  If it can’t, then let it go!

You can even keep this wardrobe challenge going all week if you’ve got lots of clothes that just aren’t getting any regular love!

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  • A month and a half into my shopping ban this is actually what I find myself doing… going back and fourth trying garments, getting them altered… clearing the clutter and wearing those goodies.

  • Hi Imogen, I have been trying some garmentsthat were quite hidden in my closet. Luckily theycould still be worn with some convenient alternations. I have noticed that as one gets older there’s more to shorten as before. I still have a some garments that are rather casual and fit. I wonder if one can still wear a “casual style” when one is petite and 40 plus. Any suggestions?

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