Create Fabulous Outfits with this Easy Pinterest Hack



Life hacks are all the rage… I mean, don’t we all want to be able to do things more easily, faster and well, just better?

Pinterest is a fabulous tool for finding inspiration as well as a bunch of life hacks, whether it’s decorating your house, cooking a meal or putting together an outfit.

How to create fabulous outfits with this easy pinterest hack

That’s why when I’m stuck for ideas (yes it even happens to me sometimes), I just reach for my ipad and hit my Pinterest app and type in a garment type that I’m thinking about wearing – it could be “chambray shirt” or “leopard print scarf” or even as broad as “office outfit” and up pop masses of ideas that others have shared on how to style these garments and accessories.

Whatever your garment or accessory, there is inspiration aplenty for you on Pinterest.

We all get stuck in our own style ruts (which is why I created firstly my 31 day Style Challenge, Evolve Your Style) and then more recently my Ignite Your Style Genius 12 month style program, as I know that it’s just so easy to wear the same outfits week in week out without really thinking, until you get to the stage where you want to scream at your image in the mirror with boredom.

There are literally thousands of ways to style scarves and with the internet and Pinterest, it’s so super easy to find lots of ways to wear them.

So next time you’re thinking “what will I wear with this classic white button down shirt?” ┬átype “white button down shirt” into Pinterest and see what it comes up with.

In fact, just typing in “white button down shirt” came up with this fabulous find on the blog Outfitposts.

Outfit hacks - get the low down on finding fabulous outfit inspiration using Pinterest

So what are you waiting for?  The inspiration you need is at your fingertips!

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