Should You Own Only One of Any Garment or Buy it In Every Colour?


Is one of any garment enough or should you get multiples in different colours?

In this video Jill Chivers and I discuss the conundrum of whether One is Enough or Multiple of the same garment in different colours are the way to go in this video.


Iris Apfel Quote - More is More and Less is a bore


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  • The question presented was should you own things in multiple colors but you seemed to talk about several items of the same color. I have a tendency to buy in multiples and have cut myself down to only one or two.. Lately though I bought 3 colors of short sleeve peplum tops in pink, navy and green , then when shopping for fall found long sleeve versions in red, black and purple…Is it too much to have 6 tops in peplum style???

  • I liked this video very much. I am in the 7 Steps and have culled a lot from my wardrobe. Also did KonMari around the same time. I find that I am enjoying having less but having things I actually wear and that actually suit me, I can’t quite adopt a 1 and done approach but I am trying to be more particular about adding a second item in a category, especially in categories like cocktail dresses where I may not get enough wear before the style may go off. Also for me, now that I am really particular about fit and color, etc. its actually hard to find a lot to buy.

    • If you saw my closets, you would have me committed..I doubt that I have “one” of anything. There are two reasons for this, one, I have OCD and the second is that I’m a wardrobe consultant. A prime example is the over 400 sweaters but no two alike except for color. The rest consists of multiples in the mid 50’s,mainly slacks, blazers and tops. Dresses are much lower in number along with long coats, probably no more than 20. Handbags 40 plus and shoes I’ve never counted. No, I haven’t worn everything as yet but make it a point to wear something different everyday. I also donate which helps to downsize and now only shop in my closet. So there is hope for me and I’ll check in next year to give an update. All my closets are arranged by type and color with the main walk in housing both summer and winter. Everything is visible but I have occasionally purchased an exact duplicate. My bad !!

  • Incredibly interesting conversation covering so many aspects of wardrobe structure. I loved it! I have just recently written down what clothes, including colour and type, that I have in my wardrobe. I have also taken photos of them together on the clothes line so I can recall what I have. I love spread sheets. Now I can see how many and what colour I have in my wardrobe and drawers. Very enlightening! I have heaps of green singlet tops and not many in neutrals. I am currently rotating those clothes to give them equitable ‘air’ time. Thank you both for your conversations.

    • I’m back again… As ‘Spring’ from the old system, I found that the only time to buy clothes in my colours especially warm jumpers etc. was when the shops had those colours in them – in Spring and Summer – so I would buy same item in different colours.

  • You two are always so fn to watch! The chemistry between you and the obvious enjoyment of your discussions makes it feel like you’re sitting across the table from me over coffee. 🙂 Thanks for all the time and thought you put into each video. Lots to think about when shopping.

  • What a conundrum! I own way too many striped t-shirts – never met one I didn’t like, but tend to wear some more than others. Black pants – I am always searching for the perfect (or perfect for now) pants sometimes settling and then discarding the second-bests when I find the “ones”.

    I am also about to embark on Marie Kondo’s book and embrace her tidying concept – I wonder what will happen to my striped t-shirts – how many really give me ‘joy’ and will remain in my wardrobe.

  • I find that there are some things where only one is sufficient and then I will turn around and buy a print scarf in several colourways because of their beauty. I will get annoyed easily with tee shirts and just buy several white and dye them! I think that I buy what you would call “supporting acts” in multiples but expect a lot more individualism in my “heroes” and really want more unique features than just a colour difference. Having the difference between heroes and supporting acts explained to me has helped me realize why my wardrobe might seem schizophrenic to outsiders.

  • Thank you both for another great video! I have several black tops – straps, shirts, t-necks, boat necks, long sleeves short sleeves, etc. They’re in different fabrics and different textures, I need at least two black tops for every season. I often buy a black and a white top if they fit well, or a black and a navy cardi to create a column. However, I only have one yellow top and that’s enough. ☺

  • In terms of “size”: As a short person, under 5’4″, there are not many choices in the “Petite” department. That’s what we call it here in the USA. In fact, most stores – online and brick & mortar – don’t even have a Petite department. Therefore, I very limited options. When I find an article of clothing that I like, is flattering, is of quality and fits into my budget; I definitely get it in more than one color as long as the color looks good on my cool tone skin.

    In terms of “fit”: When I buy jeans, I always buy more than 1 pair if I can afford it at the time. It is so difficult to find Jeans that are flattering, who knows when I will find something I like when the current pair wears out? So, I purchase 2 at a time.

    • That’s a good reason – provided that you love the garment. I know it’s much harder when you’re petite or plus size to find clothes as your choices are much more limited. I would like to know, do you wear most of the colours or end up wearing some more and others rarely?

      • I have had my “colors” done. I’m a summer and look best in cool (blue) undertones. When I buy multiples, I only buy those that look good with my complexion; I wear all of them and vary my accessories to make my outfits look varied. By the way. I like your look!

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