How to Choose Earrings for Your Rectangular Shaped Face


How to choose earrings for flatter a rectangle shape face


When you are thinking about choosing earrings to flatter your face shape, think about how to balance it.  If it’s longer, like a rectangle face shape (more than 1.5 times the width in length), then you want to slightly widen the face to make it appear slightly shorter.

How to Choose Earrings to Flatter a Rectangle Shape Face

A rectangle shape face has a similar width forehead and jaw, with the face fairly straight down through the cheeks and a square jaw shape.

Thus the earrings that flatter will add width at the cheeks to add a little extra fullness to the middle of the face.

Look for shorter, wider earrings, rather than long and narrow, which will emphasise the length of your face.


How to choose earrings for a rectangle face shape


Anything too wide at the jaw will add extra width to your square jaw.  Anything too long and narrow will just make your whole face look long and drawn.  Instead look for shapes that are wider up near the cheeks.

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How to choose earrings to flatter your face shape









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