How to Choose Earrings for Your Triangle Shaped Face


When you are thinking about choosing earrings to flatter your face shape, think about how to balance it.  If it’s unbalanced (forehead to jaw), like a triangle or pear face shape, then you want to find an earring that balances the shape.

How to choose earrings to flatter a triangle or pear shape face

How to Choose Earrings to Flatter a Triangle Shape Face

A triangle shape face has a narrower forehead (like the diamond) but a wider jaw.  If it’s more angular it’s a triangle, if it’s softer it becomes a pear.

Thus the earrings that flatter will not add any extra width at the jaw, instead they will be longer and slimmer so they don’t add unnecessary volume.

Look for longer narrow earrings rather than earrings that are wider which will emphasise the width of your jaw.




Earrings to flatter a triangle shape face


They can be wider at the ears, then narrow down as they drop to help balance your narrower forehead and wider jaw.

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How to choose earrings to flatter your face shape









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