How to Choose Earrings for Your Diamond Face Shape


A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and jaw, with the widest part of the face at the cheekbones.  You will want to balance your jaw with your earrings, and follow the shape of your face.

Avoid wide or button earrings instead go for mainly longer dangly earrings, or small studs.

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  • I think Diamond is the closest faceshape similare to mine, but it feels Ive a combination of several: diamond (widest point are my cheeks) ovale (lenght) and square (jaw), so Im a bit confused…

    The guidelines you wrote about diamond does work best for me and something Ive been doing for years. 😛
    because I always have my hair in fringe style (layered or softly straight above the brows). Having the hair splitted into halves look ridicous on me and teasing the crown make my faceshape oblong-ish. :-/

    When I was younger I was concious about my cheekbones because they make my faceshape look wide so I thought i had a round faceshape before but thats because I always had fringes or wearing a cap to cover up my forehead which is the no.1 thing Im concious about! LoL

    • I can never really tell what a face shape is when any hair is over the face – it needs to be pulled back completely. But if the diamond information works for then go for it – you may be more hexagon than diamond which has a slightly squarer jaw.

      • Hexagon? Ive never heard that term before!
        But I google it and it does seem closer to my faceshape (i find square too angulare and heart too pointy for my faceshape) so thanks for answering because I learned something new! :-3

        (I took away the hair on one of the side because both side of face are the same arent they.
        .. Also because I hate baring my entire forehead.. :-P)

        • Reality is that faces are not really geometric shapes – but people want to know their face shape! Hexagon is like an angular oval shape in many ways.

  • I have a diamond-ish face shape and found your suggestions very helpful. Big round pearl type earrings also don’t work for me!

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