Why Turquoise is a Brilliant Colour for Any Beauty Bundle


Why Turquoise is a Brilliant Colour for Any Beauty Bundle


Turquoise is one of the two universal colours that can be worn by both warm and cool undertone people.

In this video, Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss this fabulous colour that is so versatile because it has elements of both warm and cool and why it’s one of our go-to colours.

 You Can Wear Turquoise with:

  • Red
  • Violet/purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Navy
  • Camel
  • Olive

…. have I just listed the entire colour wheel plus neutrals? I believe so!

This is why turquoise is such a brilliant colour to add to your wardrobe in a beauty bundle. It’s versatility is unbeatable!

Turquoise was the Pantone colour of 2010 – but in my mind, it never goes out of style because it’s so easy for everyone to wear.

Check out this post on how to mix turquoise with other colours.

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  • awww! apart from turquoise, violet and teal are ‘universal’ colours like that?
    (as well as charcoal, off white and which was the last one?)

    • There are variations of colours that can be worn – but there is always intensity to consider. But Marine (warm) navy, teal, red-violet in the colours – then taupe, soft white and warm charcoal can also be worn in their right intensity by everyone.

  • I remember someone once saying something to the same effect regarding green — when in doubt, wear it, because it’s like the leaves and stem of a plant — they go with every color flower! What you are saying makes me think, in the same way, of the sky — it goes with everything underneath it 🙂

  • That is good to know it is a universal colour – what about a cornflower blue which was in fashion years ago, I was told this was a universal colour, also called periwinkle in some fashion clothes. Useful to know colours which suit most colourings, especially when designing uniforms. I love shocking pink and fuschia, but as I am a warm colouring, can only have it in small things say like a beauty bundle. I love turquoise and jade colours with white – reminds me of the sea and surf.

  • Thank you for this post. It explains why my items in slightly different shades of turquoise (warmer or cooler) doesn’t settle once and for all if I’m warm or cool.

    Is it possible that any border area where warm bleeds into cool can be “universal-ish” and that we should not use those colors in determining our warmth or cool-ness?

    • Absolutely – these are not the determining colours. Some of the better colours to determine warm or cool are reds and pinks or oranges, and the warm vs cool greens. Blues are tricky as are red-violets.

  • Thank you for this post Imogen. I’m curious… I’ve seen a turquoise statement piece today and almost bought it, but felt unsure, since I have not yet signed up for your 7 steps… Is there anything I should keep in mind before buying such a piece? I know I’m a blue undertone, rather than yellow. Do one get turquoise with a yellow undertone? I don’t want to buy the wrong colour.

    • Turquoise is pretty safe! Because it’s a warm blue, if you’re warm you’re safe, and because it’s blue, if you’re cool you’re safe. There are some slightly warmer and cooler versions, but if it’s just in accessories you could easily wear them as it’s a smaller proportion of your outfit.

  • Hi Imogen. Is Aquamarine a neutral as well? It is described as a warm blue. I have warm undertones, but am in doubt wether it would look good. But I am more drawn to that stone then turqoise.

    • A neutral is a colour that is not on the colour wheel. As far as it being able to be worn by both warm and cool – yes it’s a warmer blue – very similar to turquoise – so can be worn by both warm and cool undertones.

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