Pantone Colour Forecast Spring 2016



It’s Spring here in Melbourne (and all the Southern Hemisphere) and Pantone has released it’s forecast for Spring 2016 (Northern Hemisphere).


These colours echo many of the colours from the previous colour forecast for Autumn/Winter 2015 and Spring 2015, but are just a lighter or slightly brighter version.

Universal Colours

  • Snorkel Blue
  • Limpet Shell
  • Buttercup

Warm Colours

  • Rose Quart
  • Peach Echo
  • Fiesta
  • Iced Coffee
  • Green Flash

Cool Colours

  • Lilac Grey
  • Serenity


We’ve already been seeing a lot of Iced Coffee camel and rose beige shades, with the rise of the popularity of rose gold.

Pantone Iced Coffee Spring 2016
Mimco has created bags and accessories in both warm and cool versions for Spring.


Snorkel Blue is another warm undertoned navy which is brilliant for everyone.  It’s a hair enhancer for brunettes.  It’s an eye enhancer for most blue eyes and is a great colour for the office as it’s neutral enough to wear and wear with so many other colours.

Pantone Scuba Blue - Spring 2016 colour forecast
Styling my Scuba Blue dress with a Kimtuck and some turquoise jewellery

It works well with almost all colours (which is why you can wear it as a neutral).  It’s what I’d call one of the Marine or Junior Navy shades of blue as it has a slight green element to the blue which warms it up.  As you can see it pairs perfectly with turquoise accessories.

I was in the shops the other day and have already noticed quite a bit of Buttercup around in Oxford and Country Road and Carla Zampatti.


pantone spring 2016 fiesta and green flash


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  • Imogen, how is buttercup a universal colour? As someone with very cool. pink-toned skin, I can’t imagine wearing any shade of that. It’s just too yellow. It doesn’t look like a great season for those of us who look best in cool, vibrant jewel tones 🙁

    • Lynne – buttercup is just onto the cooler yellow spectrum, rather than the more green based yellows that have been around and you will also see it in slightly lighter more lemon tones. It’s only universal as being both a bit on the warm and cool but not universal for being for both bright and dark. I’m just saying it’s a more neutral yellow, rather than a really cool yellow or a really warm yellow, not that it’s universally flattering!

  • Dear Imogen,

    I have the same question re: what makes this yellow universal is that it does not have a lot of white which would cool it down? The Snorkel Blue I thought at first is warm. So much too learn.

    The limpet is like teal- and is universal because the green and yellow is not really warm or cool?

    • The yellow is not universally flattering, just midway between a warm yellow and a cool yellow – kind of like a ‘neutral’ yellow.

      The snorkel blue is a ‘warm blue’ but blue in it’s nature is cool – which is why it becomes a universal blue.

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