6 Essential Tips for Wearing Sheer Fabrics

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How to wear sheer fabrics

Melbourne is having a few (seriously, just 3) glorious spring days at present (well by the time you read this they will have come and gone), so I’ve been going through my summer wardrobe as it’s hot enough that I don’t have to wear layer upon layer of clothing to stay sane (and warm).

Inspired by Not Dressed as Lamb’s theme of Sheer and the hot weather I thought I’d haul out some of my more sheer clothing and write a post about ways to wear it.  I have written about how to wear a sheer blouse , but here are my 6 essential tips to wearing sheer fabrics.

Sheer fabrics have a light and floaty feel which are great for summer. They can be feminine and flirty, or downright sexy, depending on what and how you’re wearing them.

1. Keep it Loose

Sheer chiffon dress

Because they lack weight, they work less well in a corporate office (think all YIN when you may need to add some YANG to have more gravitas) but can be combined with your yang suiting fabrics to add some softness and approachability, as long as you wear a solid layer underneath (visible underwear is never appropriate at work, unless you’re an underwear model).

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