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I’m really delighted to introduce to you one of my Image Consultant training graduates Anne Whalley who shares her Stylish Thoughts.  Anne is otherwise known as The Fabric Whisperer who lives and works in Melbourne (Australia) as a fabric and sewing specialist.

Anne Whalley on Inside Out Style blog
1.How would you describe your personal style
My personal style journey began at 12 years of age. Nothing fitted in the shops and I didn’t like most of clothes either. So I made my own Style, derived from pawing (intended) Vogue fashion magazines and Vogue Sewing Pattern catalogues. This was my shortcut to style! I would describe my personal style then and now as dramatic, creative & comfortable. It has never mattered where I was going or where I worked, Drama in my outfit was always number one. Without the drama I feel invisible.

Anne Whalley Image Consultant
2.What’s the secret to looking polished?
I believe my secret to looking polished was in my confidence which came from my dress style. This also grabbed the attention of the man I have been married to for 30 years. It was my secret to standing out.

Anne Whalley Image Consultant
3. My current – really all my life, obsession is fabric
I will admit to being a fabric addict and have an almost adequate collection. There is always room for more. Some non believers say that I have more than a lifetime supply already, but what would they know! In my early adult life I studied Fashion Design at The Melbourne School of Textiles. This gave me a great structure to my passion. I have shared my knowledge with others in wardrobe makeovers for many years and subsequently engaged in public speaking on style and fashion. I am always on the lookout for what makes my heart race and I know it when I see it. Now that the children are independent I can spend more time in my sweet spot and I’m finding it a very heartfelt journey. This is my life and I love it!

Anne Whalley Image Consultant
4. Describe my personal style
Hair- a great cut and (confession) colour
Asymmetrical lines – my best friend
Colour – toasted warm hues
Fabric – if it talks to me I will let it speak for me.

Anne Whalley Image Consultant


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  • Love it, love it, love it!

    I also look best in toasted warm shades and have a fascination with texture — (though with less flair than Anne) — so this post doubly resonated with me. I know these colours well; what a cool take on this palette!

    The scarf with the turquoise jacket is absolutely stunning. Must keep my eyes open for a bold scarf like that. Wow…

  • Anne is such a talented woman! She helped me find fabrics and patterns to have tailored during a trip to Thailand. Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious, and her knowledge of colour and body shapes is invaluable.

  • I love this – as another fabricaholic, I too tend to frequently start with the inspiration of fabric. In that regard the dress like a Roman mosaic – where did you get it? I love it. (And toasty warm colours are my favourites too, with a bit of murky brights.)

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