The Relationship Between Personal Style and Decorating Style


Is there a relationship between how you decorate and what you wear?

Does your personal style and decorating style match? If you’re struggling to find your style maybe you can look around you and notice the things that you love in your environment and they will give you a clue.

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss this topic in this video 


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  • interesting. I’ve lived in then same house for 28 years, so we’ve had time to make over every bit of it. I can admire other people’s houses for their sleek minimalism and architectural features and use of neutrals, but I know I wouldn’t want to live there — it would feel lik a hotel to me! I am equally uncomfortable with the overblown chintziness of some B&Bs. When I think of my house I think of words like relaxed, gentle, colourful, eclectic. You could use pretty much the same for my clothing style which I would describe as feminine meets impressionist bohemian — nothing sharp, rigid or androgynous, and nothing neutral or generic except where absolutely necessary. And always everything must be comfortable and comforting

  • Hmmm, this is interesting. My furniture is all cream with oak tops and curvy. It’s very feminine. My bedroom is white with country rises strewn over my top quilt and I love it but if I wear clothes like that I feel short, busty, and frumpyy which ends up grumpy.
    So it begs the question which is out of kilter… The wardrobe or the home.

  • …. to add to that, I don’t have clutter, everything has a place, and I don’t like wearing lots of bulky clothes (winter is a hassle – love summers light one layer clothes). I like light, warm, simple & clean, tailored clothes. I like my home light, bright and simple too and I guess the neatness and no clutter (AT ALL!!!!) I guess that equates to tailored?

  • This is a “new move” so we haven’t even painted a wall yet, but the plans and materials are coming together. I have a collection of furniture that works being a combination of antiques and traditional modern. I don’t think there are many pieces in my house that I have not changed in some way over the years to make it work properly. Yes, I paint, refinish, reupholster, wallpaper, etc. (I don’t think that’s a surprise)but rarely buy new things. I love everyday things which are unique and beautiful.

  • Thought provoking video, thank you Imogen and Jill. The things in my house that I like are traditional, inherited pieces and classic bone china tea pots. No wonder my cheap and cheerful wardrobe doesn’t please me. I’m afraid to spend much on my clothes as I change size and shape at an alarming rate.

    Perhaps you could suggest some styles of garments that are easy to fit? I am an O shape. My ideal style would include flowing, soft garments in natural prints and medium bright colours, but nothing too flamboyant.

    Thanks once again for making my brain work. I enjoy your blog so much. You feel like a friend. Cheers, Judy

  • I think there is certainly a correlation between personal clothing style and our ideal home. I reckon what we always aim for is harmony, whether consciously or subconsciously.

    Yet it’s interesting that one of my ex-boyfriends had both a clothing style and a house that was completely at odds with my own (I prefer dramatic, sleek, contemporary, luxurious sophisticated, whereas he likes old-fashioned, unique, natural, autumn colours, hippie-style charming) – because I loved him, I loved and felt at home in his house even though it’s not really my ideal type of home at all.

  • Wonderful topic-our taste flows through every part of our lives.When I designed gardens,and the client told me they liked all colors and all flowers,I asked what colors they wore.It worked every time!I remember one woman who wanted plants perennials spaced evenly apart,mulched heavily,who only wore black and white-never patterns.

  • Our house is sleek, minimalist and neutral. The items I’ve added are colourful, geeky Star Wars artwork, a vintage mustard lamp with teal and purple Paisley shade, fake plants and a small collection of rocks. During the Evolve Your Style program, I’ve worn classic neutrals which received average responses but the best responses from others were clothing with plant prints and items that were orange, teal, mustard and purple. I think our house and my wardrobe are increasing in style and colour similarity over time.

  • We have purchased a second house and plan to move into it when we sell this one (the Scottish house buying system necessitates this!). We are busy doing the garden make over on it at present, but still confused about how to do it inside. It needs a new kitchen and not sure on style at all. My favourite house item is my set of china (bought gradually over last few years), this was bought for new house and still packed away, but I get it out and look at it every so often, with extreme love! It is Sophie Conran (don’t know if you know it, but goggle for pics) and very gentle organic, assymetrical shapes in beautiful fine porcelain, not bright white, a soft ivory tone. My own clothes tend to be quite basic, long vests with T’s or sweaters over, jeans and plimsols or short boots. But I do like to dress this up with long dangly, curving earrings or necklaces/bracelets in silver, curved minimal lines and a bit of elegance, whenever I see it to buy. I am a pale toned dark haired female, between deep autumn deep winter, so not sure if that is what I’m meant to wear. I also wear knitted or soft jersey dresses with long boots, the feel of fabric is very important to me, it has to be soft and flexible, I like furry cushions as well. The curtains I have already bought for the new house half price in sale and they are ivory, soft neutrals and a warmish yellow tone with slightly abstract, slightly oriental, sprays of flowers (which dont read as very floral) going across diagonally. In fact, as I read this, am beginning to see an oriental thing come out – which is strange as have always done out houses slightly classical with more cherubs etc on garden ornaments, lamp bases etc, but feel this was perhaps more down to whats available and joint taste than anything else?

    • Do you think that you will be now thinking about your personal style and how that will influence your decorating in the new house? Of course you have to take into consideration joint tastes but you may find inspiration!

  • What a fabulous discussion! Thank you Imogen and Jill. I am not sure there is any particular item I could lay hands on and say “This is me.” But I do know when visitors come to our house, they are always very surprised by the interior (the outside is a 1970’s ranch) but regularly state how it is so “me.” Part of that may be that we did not buy until we were in our 40’s, and had a firmer sense of what we wanted and did and didn’t like. All those years of rental properties taught us many lessons!

  • What a fabulous video! I’ve known that there is a close relationship between home decor and wardrobe choices/personal outfits for a while now, but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it! Thank you! I realized there must be a parallel relationship when my cousin saw my house for the first time (10 years ago), and exclaimed, “It looks just like you!” 😀

    I really like the concept of asking a client to explain why they love a favorite object. I haven’t gotten into image consulting yet, but I am headed in that direction.

    • Michelle – these questions can be so revealing for everyone! It tells you so much. Yesterday I asked a client and he told me about a pair of speakers in his lounge room – you’d be surprised at what his answers revealed about what he likes!

  • Your video made me think about whether I have a favourite household item – and I definitely do. It’s a handmade handle-less coffee mug that is rough and unglazed on the outside except for the lip which shows some of the beautiful teal and green glazes of the inside. Thinking about it now, it is a perfect representation of what I want my personal style to be – casual, bespoke and understated (useful and showing creativity but suggesting hidden depths). I think I’ll keep the mug nearby as a point of reference when I do my next closet cull.

    • Take a photo of it on your phone and when you go shopping you can have it as a reminder of what you love and design elements – that way you won’t bring home pieces that don’t speak to you.

  • Wow! Following my earlier remarks above, I have just discovered the work of interior designer, Greg Natale, who was in a British interiors magazine – and found he is Australian too! I have just sent for his new book, as this style seems to unite so many of my loves – organic and slightly oriental mixed with classic and glamorous, lots of bold colour and geometric patterns against black and white – it has it all! Also his book seems to actually explain the rules of interior design instead of just being a fashionable look touted by a stylist. No, I am not getting any remuneration from all this positive raving, but I am very over excited by discovering this brilliant designer and his work!

  • My home and personal style are very similar. I love pastels and cheerful but not overly bright colors, with lots of white. My style is full — not sleek or minimalist. I love Shabby Chic and thrift both for my clothes and home. I want to live in a fairy tale as a princess — but not stuffy or overly prissy. Feminine, whimsical, soft, cheerful, and a bit quirky. Snow White’s cottage with fantasy and touches of more upscale.

    I like to dress mostly in skirts and dresses with ballet flats, cute jewelry, florals, tights, soft materials.

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