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What’s this book got to do with style you ask? Well nothing really, though I do love the verbal stylings of Ms Amy Poehler which is why I decided to listen to this as an audiobook rather than read it (plus these days I have so little time to read, but can listen to something interesting and insightful in the car or while I’m out for my run).

The above is one of my favourite quotes from the book.  It’s something that I try and live by and something I stress to the people who train to be personal stylists and image consultants with me.  The reality is, in life, is that there is never a perfect time, and you are never perfectly ready for anything (remember giving birth that first time?  Did you feel ready?  No but you did it anyway!).

I notice that those students of mine who jump in and do things before they are ready are the ones who succeed.  The ones who believe they have to perfect everything and feel super confident are the ones who end up doing very little as none of us feel that.  I will always remember the great author Malcolm Bradbury telling me that he couldn’t believe that he had achieved what he had and how he always felt a little bit of a fraud, which I’ve discovered is common.  It’s just that some people let that feeling stop them.

I love that Amy called this book Yes Please as it’s a great reminder that it’s important to say yes in life to those opportunities that come by.  Seize them or they will pass you by.

Back to the book, I have to say I really enjoyed this memoir/life advice/anecdotes and being read by Amy  (along with some readings by no less than: Carol Burnett, Seth Meyers, Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner) with I’m sure many side notes that aren’t in the readable copy of the book, made it all the more enjoyable.  I’ve long been a fan of Parks and Recreation
for it’s witty writing and great characters and love seeing Amy as Leslie Knope, a female character who is so strong and determined, has power, sees the good in everyone and is a really likeable person too, rare in so many TV shows and movies.

So if you too are an Amy Poehler fan I highly recommend reading or listening to this book.


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  • Hmm.. I usually think that I’m ready when I stop thinking and start doing.
    But then if I’m only waiting, and not really in any process of preparation, well.. then I’ve found that I’ve been looking to achieve something that wasn’t right for me to begin with, or – if it is – that I’ve been wanting it for the wrong reasons, going about it the wrong way. It’s quite a struggle to be in a “I want to want this – but I don’t” type of situation and not realizing it. Many activities may be going on, but nothing’s actually happening – happiness especially.

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