Real World Style – Skirt with Knit


styling skirt with a knit topMany people think that the only easy and relaxed way to dress is to wear pants (trousers, not underpants for you people reading in the UK!). But really a skirt can be just as easy to wear (and I think more comfortable often) than a pair of pants.  I love a skirt made from a stretch fabric with a knit top of some kind – it’s comfortable yet looks way more stylish than yoga pants and many jeans!

The great thing about skirts is that they come at many lengths, from maxi to mini.

Here are some examples of real world relaxed skirt an knit style!

skirt and knit top

skirt and a knit

skirt top and cardi


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  • I agree particularly in summer when you have bare legs. It gets harder in winter when you have to wear tights for warmth . It may be OK if you are happy to wear black tights but I am weeding out black and quality coloured tights are hard to find and introduce another factor into getting out the door looking like you actually planned your outfit.

  • I love the idea of a tunic top over a stretch straight skirt and have tried often to do this but I just can’t seem to get the proportions right. I regularly wear tunic length tops over pants or tights, both full length and cropped, and am happy with how that looks but I just can’t seem to make it work with a skirt. I am only 5 feet tall, so I guess that doesn’t help. Any advice?

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