How to UpScale your Jewellery Without it Overwhelming Your Features


I suppose I’m “of a certain age” in some circles at least – look young 40s but I’m actually mid 50s – and the jewelry thing has me stymied. I have delicate features and small bones, so need smallish jewelry. Chunky or large things are just completely out of scale on me! I no longer wear just “post” earrings, having found some short dangles (about an inch and a half long, half inch wide), and wear them nearly every day.

How do I find/wear “larger scale” jewelry that won’t overpower my smallish features?

Make Large Scale Jewellery Work for Petites


Here are some easy ways to wear larger jewellery if you’re petite or have fine features, but still make more of a statement with it.

1. Wear pieces that are made from multiple smaller pieces
2. Layer many small beads to create one larger scale piece
3. Make it see through. If you can see skin through it, it won’t feel so heavy or large and dramatic.


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  • Great ideas Imogen, thank you. I have a small frame and small face so am in a similar situation to your original correspondent. I’ve recently been experimenting with jewellery and what I’ve learned fits exactly with your suggestions – you have written the rulebook so beautifully that now I can see why certain things are working. I’ve found that it works best if I keep things quite simple and wear only one “statement” piece – for example if I’m wearing a beautiful, noticeable pendant I’ll balance it with small ear studs and only my wedding ring. Pendants work better than necklaces – the chain offsets the size of the pendant. I wear stacked thin rings rather than one chunky ring – although I can wear a ring with a large stone if the band is narrow and the stone is clear and sparkly, something like obsidian or amethyst rather than a solid-coloured stone. I like your idea of “see some skin” – I’ve noticed I can wear larger pieces if the design is one with twisted wires rather than solid, but hadn’t analysed why that was working.

  • Interesting post, this got me thinking about your comment on showing some skin, is this also the case when for example wearing silver jewellery when you are a warm colouring of visa versa wearing gold tone when a cool colouring. I recently noticed someone who was a warm colouring wearing silver, I also noted that the pieces were see through, bangle and earrings, silver trim on watch and small to medium necklace that was sort of open.

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