Where to End Your Tops and Jackets


I’m often asked where to end your tops and jackets. In this video I give you some pointers to help you find your sweet spot that flatters your figure.


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  • Thank you again for great helpful information. I especially can use the tip for disguising a bit of a tummy.So good to know.
    Your new figure is lovely. You look great.

  • Goodness, I feel like you could do a whole ‘nother video on finding the sweet spot on an 8 body shape. Perhaps the tummy tip principle also applies to prominent high hips? Would we end tops just below the fullest part of the high hip? I am so guilty of trying to cover that area, but you are teaching me new paths.

  • This is a great video, but I need to echo Annie – I myself often struggle even though I am a slim 8! But those shelves on the high hips mean that if I end my tops in that ‘sweet spot’ you mention Imogen, the bottom of the top tends to roll up and come to rest on the shelves! Which means that they are now sitting at the waist, certainly the slimmest point, but having a not supershort but shorter rather than longer waist (plus long rise!) this createst optical imbalance from the front as well as reveals the round tummy and the flab on the high hips!! (muffin top…)

    Perhaps I have the added disadvantage of the long rise, but being blessed with some fantastic features, flabby tummy and fat on high hips plus long rise and shorter waist means that belted/waist defined dresses remain my best friend (plus pencil skirt with tucked in top – although only ideal from the front, rather than the sides), but slim fitting tops with trousers seem physically impossible to pull off…

    • This is why, for the 8 shape, the peplum is your ideal top – it fits at your waist, flares out over your hips, but doesn’t roll up. It balances your rise and covers your tummy.

  • Great video. Don’t you find with leggings though that you should wear your tops longer because they are not pants. I also find if I wear pants I can wear my top longer than if I have a skirt on. Does that make sense.

    • Yes normally with leggings I’d wear a tunic length top. I just took off my long cardigan that I’d been wearing belted with these leggings to show you the effect of where your tops end.

  • I’ve read this advice on your blog a few times – loved seeing you pull the top up and down to illustrate your points, it was really helpful. It’s been challenging to find tops that hit the sweet spot – most manufacturers seem to be cutting tops very long. Being short waisted doesn’t help, the tops fit even longer. Wish the clothing industry would offer more choice.

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