NoRepeat November Style Challenge


Imogen Lamport
The weather became warm enough for me to get out my lovely Verily caftan!

We’ve come to the end of November and the NoRepeat November Style Challenge. What have you learned about your style and your wardrobe and how you utilize your clothes and accessories?

I’ve been super busy this month running my Personal Stylist and Image Mastery training and Personal Colour Analysis training courses (it’s so much fun assisting our students to learn all the science behind the art of image, colour and style so that they can fulfill their dreams of working as an image consultant or stylist).

The weather in Melbourne has been very changeable – truly 4 seasons in one day, and most weeks, we’ve had hot and cold weather, so not wearing the same clothes has been pretty easy for me as I wasn’t limited to the same season the whole month.

There were a few occasions where I almost reached for an ‘old faithful’, then stopped myself, and made myself look at some of my lesser worn clothes, get them out and remind myself why they are still in my wardrobe.  A few items have been donated to charity, but it was also a great reminder about why I love some of my clothes.

Now tell me about your experiences?


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  • Hi Imogen,
    I have tried to have “no repeats”, and did quite well for the first 3 weeks or so. Probably just didn’t have enough of the right sort of clothes for the places I was going. So I have found it good to highlight some of the gaps in my wardrobe. I was a bit anal about it and actually did up a chart of what I wore each day, which has actually given me some good insights.
    I did find I wore more of the jewellery I own to try and add spark to what I was wearing.

    Best wishes,
    Lyn F.

  • I think this challenge not only helped me to discover new outfits, by making me wear new combinations, but it also helped me to think about the message that different outfits send out. Wearing a skirt instead of a pair of jeans with a particular top, for example, looked more business-like than casual. It was a fun exercise that I may very well repeat when the warmer weather returns!

  • this was an excellent exercise. I had no idea how versatile my wardrobe had become, and, how many ways things could be mixed up. I could have gone a few (well maybe one or two) days more. Shopping over time using your colour palette gives endless variety. I soon discovered the few remaining ‘errors’ in my closet!

  • I’m still doing it! I realized my wardrobe is freaking huge and a lot more versatile than I give it credit for. I’m endlessly brainstorming ideas now to get more uses out of my clothing/shoes/accessories.

    I have found several things that don’t really work and I am trying to decide what to do with them.

    Some things I can add an inexpensive item to fix the gap, like a pink sweater helps give me options with a pair of sneakers I don’t really want to give up.

    I upcycled one blazer and made it into something totally unique to me.

    Some things will have to be donated. I always feel bad about getting rid of it since it feels like flushing money down the drain but it’s a good remiinder in the future to be much more careful/selective about my purchases.

  • I loved this exercise. I made a spreadsheet and recorded my outfit every day.

    Soon I was weeding out stuff I couldn’t wear (mostly because it was out of season; in Canada you have to keep shuffling the stuff during fall and spring as the weather changes relatively quickly).

    Then I tried on new combinations.

    Then I bought 3 very versatile bottoms (I really needed them, now I’m up to 5 bottoms I wear all the time).

    The very habit of looking for new combinations was neat to form. It makes dressing more fun.

    I used some stuff from the ‘special occasion’ category to spruce up more casual outfits; it worked well, I thought.

    My wardrobe is not very big, and I like that: a bit of scarcity encourages creativity. But then I also like holding off on buying groceries just for the fun of creatively combining whatever I have left.

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