Discover Your Signature Style


Tips on discovering your signature style

Discover ways to think about your signature style. Watch this short video with Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I talk about our own signature styles and how we found them, and ways you can think about yours.

Your signature style is an element of your style recipe and personality style.  It can almost be the “uniform” part.  The recognizable element that you put into each outfit.

Jill’s Signature Style

Animal print is Jill’s signature style.  It was only after Jill left a corporate role and it allowed her to think more about her own personal style and how she wanted to express herself now she didn’t have to wear any kind of corporate uniform.

As Jill has patterned skin (freckled skin) – animal prints really suit her as they create harmony with her skin.  She’s now known for her animal prints (people expect them of her) and she wears them every day and so has become her signature print and therefore her signature style.

Imogen’s Signature Style

Large necklaces have become my signature style as, like Jill, they relate to my body scale (or my body at this time when I had a very large bust before my breast reduction surgery).  I found that wearing large necklaces worked both with my personality (a touch of drama and impact is something I enjoy in an outfit) as well as my physical presence.

To Discover Your Signature Style

Ask yourself:

  • Who am I?
  • How does my clothing express something about me?
  • What really works for my body and colouring?
  • What do I love?

When you shop, knowing your signature style can really help make shopping easier too.

What’s your signature style?

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What’s Your Signature Style?

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  • Another terrific video. In my case, I am known for interesting pieces of jewelry many of which I have had for decades after trips to Mexico along with purchases of Scandanavian silver pieces. Can signature style incorporate more than one type of clothing or jewelry? For example in Imogen’s case is it large necklaces and detailed skirts/jackets? Can you look too overboard if you have a couple of style signatures at the same time?
    Thanks again for these charming and informative videos. The 2 of you make a great team!

    • You can wear a couple of pieces at a time – it’s dependent on proportions and your scale, you may want to wear one larger piece and one smaller piece.

  • Hmmm. Now that I think about it – I do not have any signature style. I experiment with new styles every time. Especially with the addiction to Pinterest, I come across a variety of fashion and styling that I try on myself. But one thing hasn’t changed in years – I dress up differently depending on my mood, and I accessorize based on … my mood too, I guess. 🙂

  • I love necklaces, though most of mine aren’t as bold as Imogen’s, and I think people are starting to associate me with necklaces (or bracelets). When it’s my birthday people often buy me jewellery, so I have a good collection now!

    I have freckled skin, so maybe I should start looking at animal print like Jill!

  • Hi, I’m warm type and I have and I like a lot silver jewellery. How I can use that and still look georgeous?Maybe with warm stones?Thanks for your help.

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