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my style signature print

As I’ve been contemplating what goes into my style, and recently acquiring a tunic top with a butterfly print, I realised that my signature print has become the butterfly.

signature style print
Butterfly print top from Katies, leggings from Metalicus


I have a butterfly in my logo of my consulting business Bespoke Image. To me the butterfly represents the journey of my clients, the metamorphosis that I want them to undergo so they feel and look as beautiful on the outside as they are as human beings on the inside.

butterfly scarf
Butterfly scarf from Katies


butterfly top romance was born
Butterfly top from Romance Was Born

As you know, my wedding dress featured butterflies. My favourite scarf has butterflies and I know own a couple of tops with butterflies. For some it’s an animal print, for others they love florals, or paisley or stripes. For me it’s butterflies.

butterfly wedding dress
Butterfly wedding dress by Alfia Galimova Designs


Do you have a signature print?  Is there one that you tend to reach for over and over again?



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  • Oh, Imogen, you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!! Thank you for thinking of us, your fans, as lovely butterflies. With your loving, generous, guidance and knowledge to keep us going in the right direction, we surely will turn into your very favorite butterflies.

    We can’t thank you enough for your never ending pursuit of beauty in each and every one of us.
    A faithful fan,

  • So gorgeous. I love the butterfly theme on you. I rarely wear prints but love the idea of having a signature print 🙂

  • My signature print is reptile, including croc and snake embossed leather and fabrics. That is because I am cold-blooded in action and slowly melting in relationships.

  • I love the butterflies on you! My main signature pattern is floral, sometimes with birds in the mix. Secondary is polka dots. You can imagine my delight when I spot a combination floral and dotted print.

  • Those items all look gorgeous on you, and I love the metamorphosis analogy. I have always loved paisley type prints, particularly those by Liberty. I’m in my fifties, and as you wrote in a previous post about florals, they work well for my age. A paisley shirt is the best thing for detracting from unwanted bulges!

  • I just found your blog….FINALLY an Australian fashion blog worth looking at…

    so, my signature is PEACOCKS, as we lived on the Shoalhaven River on South Coast NSW, and had a huge family of peacocks…I still have lots of feathers from when they shed every year. we no longer live ‘rural’ but now live ‘beach’ a little way away, but I still love the rich jades and royal blues of the feathers and have scarves, brooches and earings that remind me of our old friends..

    • Thanks so much Lee! I’m so glad you found me and you think I’m worth reading. I love peacocks too! They are so beautiful. I’m in the process of making a glass platter with a peacock feather motif.

  • Well one thing is certain, he looks like the cat who got the cream, so the butterfly thing attracted him like a moth to a flame….

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