How to Find Colours to Match Your Colour Swatch



Many people are unsure of how to use their colour swatch after they’ve had a personal colour analysis. Here in this short video I show you how easy it is to use.


How to Use Your Personal Colour Analysis Colour Swatch

Remember, it’s a tool of around 50 colours to help you find the 50 000 that suit you!  Don’t get obsessed with matching each colour exactly.

Please don’t limit yourself to just the colours in the swatch you have.  You will be cutting off so many possible colours.

All you’re looking for is the feeling that the colour blends, that the colour could be in the swatch, but it’s been left out.

Any colour that will work for you needs to have a similar intensity, undertone and value.  It should feel like family to the other colours in the swatch.

So if you’re looking at a green – does the green look like it fits within your green spectrum?  Or is it a very different sort of green?  So if you had a cool palette, if you were looking at an emerald green and it has the same intensity, it would most likely fit.  But if you were looking at an olive green, even if it had the same intensity it would not fit as the yellow undertone of an olive green would make it too warm.

Always remember to fan out the swatch as a whole, look at all the colours with the colour you are comparing to, not just individual colours, this way you’ll get the best result and a truly mix and match wardrobe as the colours will work beautifully together.

Remember, your colouring changes as you age, so getting an updated colour analysis every 5-10 years is a worthwhile investment as it will keep you looking fabulous.

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  • Great advice Imogen, thank you so much!

    Where on the internet could I buy a good color swatch?

    I had a color consultation last year but I only got some poor prints of the colors that work for me.. Apparently I’m a bit complicated type (like the model Bar Refaeli) – blue eyes, ash brown hair that gets a bit blond under the summer sun, pale skin and I have freckles on my nose but my skin gets quite dark on my face if I’m on the sun.. A good color swatch would really make my shopping easier..


    • Urska – it really is best to get your colour swatch as part of your colour consultation. I’m sorry that you didn’t get the tool you deserve when you did have a colour consultation. If you can send me the prints that they gave you I could have a look and see if I could find something for you.

  • Wonderful and very instructive video Imogene! I had my colors “done” 30 years ago and was told I was
    a winter type. My coloring of course has softened (I am in my late 60’s) by now but I still color my hair a deepish brown with reddish highlights and wear nice makeup. Do you think I can still wear these winter colors but a softer version?
    Thanks for your great website.

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