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Hi, when you have chance could you address how to wear the colour Camel? It was all over the runways (especially at Chloe) but I’m not sure it would work that well for me as a colour (My colouring is Clear and Warm). What are hip ways to wear Camel with other colours? I have trouble putting outfits together sometimes.  Ruthie

Camel goes with


How to Choose a Warm or Cool Camel

Camel is a great neutral.  There is the traditional warm camel (think Burberry) and then you can go more of the rose beige style camel if you have cool colouring.

You will find the cool camel colours have a pinkish tinge, while the warm undertone camel’s are more yellowed.

What to Wear with Camel

How to combine camel with colours and how to choose between a warm and cool camel

Camel works with lots of colour, just remember to keep the warm camel with warm colours and cool camel with cool colours.

More tips on choosing a warm or cool camel or beige – read this post now.

What is your favourite colour to wear with camel?

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  • I accidently placed my camel fabric next to a navy blue sweater, and they looked fabulous together. I also like camel and red.

  • Thank you! I have a warm camel pencil skirt but I played safe and wore it with ivory and dark brown, so this is a great post for me.

  • I love camel and olive, camel and grey. I'm still trying to find a good camel jacket or sweater this season though. Surprisingly little of it on the racks here, despite all of the hoopla.

  • camel and olive drab
    camel and dark brown, in touches and not in large pieces juxtaposed
    camel and vanilla
    camel, vanilla and black accents
    camel and that darker kellyish green like camping equipment

  • It makes such a difference finding a camel that works with one's coloring. I am terrible in yellow, so Prada's pinkish camel works so much better.

  • I LOOOOOVE camel! I did a whole post about it on my site. It goes so well with my coloring. I usually like the outfits best when I pair it with pink, red, teal, navy or black. If I'm wanting to stay neutral or show off some shoes I put it with cream. I've branched out this year and paired it with olive and really like it!

  • This is such an ‘aha!’ moment post – thank you!!!!……. I have both slightly-warm and slightly-cool camels (and beiges and browns) in my palette, and kept having trouble making up wardrobe capsules until I pulled the warms and the cools apart. It prompted me to go play around on one of those color websites where you can move the HSB numbers to see how colors change as you move the sliders for brightness, saturation, etc. and discovered that my cool beiges actually are desaturated cool reds; and the warmer ones are desaturated oranges. That helped in realizing the underlying reasons why they are cool and warm, and why they work with the colors you’ve shown above – and why they’re terrible when put together (pink and orange together was fun in first grade, in the ’60s; since then, not so much 🙂

    I totally recommend exploring with one of these sites, by the way, for readers like I am who aren’t trained in color, for understanding where more muted colors fall on the color wheel. Like the grays, which for me are very de-saturated true blues. So now I get why grey + coral is a complementary combination and more lively than grey + blue. Or for finding where skin, blush, eye, and hair tone(s) fall. For example, I thought my hazel eye color was kind of of olive, but it’s a true green – just greyed out.

    So sorry to take the post on a bit of a detour, but I love what it triggered. Thank you!!!!

  • Hi Inogen, in choosing to avoid a black coat (for more options to dress down during the day and avoid looking washed out) I went for a camel one. I tried on a number of different ones and beyond the shape didn’t understand why some made me look blah and others were good. I fortunately chose a warm tone one in a mid shade that I now understand was wise given my warm tones and tendency for low to medium contrast. Thanks for the affirmation and previous tips. Cheers Ro.

  • I thought I hated ALL neutrals until I discovered camel. It nearly exactly matches my hair (I’m a light spring). I love to wear it with light blue, ivory, or light green in the warmer weather; navy, poppy-red or ivory (again) in cool weather.

  • Hey I got a question I have a camel turtleneck and I want to pair it with a kind of a olive green vest and wondering if that will go together I like to match my clothes and it looks like it’ll match but I was wondering if anybody had any ideals?

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