13 Ways to Wear Scarves


Ways to Wear a Scarf


Some people are jewellery people, some people are scarf people, I like to wear both, but more scarves in the winter and jewellery in the summer.  Spring and Autumn, I go both ways Here are a few ideas about how to wear different shapes and sizes of scarves, and of course, you can also look here for more inspiration.

How to tie a pashmina

How to disguise a bad hair day

How to store scarves

What’s your favourite way of wearing scarves?


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  • I'm definitely a scarf person and I've got lots. I wear them as I feel like at the moment and of course according to the type of scarf. Love the scarfs above, thanks for posting them. Ciao. A.

  • I like knit cotton and similarly soft scarves, no polyester/silk for me. I love square ones with a fringe, but a long one will do too – I wear it with one loop around the neck and ends loose.

    Shawls I go on and off with: they take some effort to stay draped nicely … sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes I get annoyed.

    Latest Talbots catalog has an intriquing option of tieing a silk scarf around the waist with a thin belt over it, so it looks kind of like an obi. I think that's a great idea for special-occasion waist highlighting.

    – tall & slim anon

  • I live in a cold part of Australia and LOVE scarves. But they absolutely have to feel great against my skin. They are such an easy way of dressing up an outfit, or adding some colour, or buying something for yourself when you're having a 'fat' day!

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