How to Tie a Pashmina Scarf


Here is a quick video of me showing a few ways of tying a pashmina style scarf.   A large rectangular scarf in a soft fabric makes a great accessory and it can be tied in multiple ways.

And here is a pic of Niamh who tied her own scarf.


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  • Fabulous!! I tied my scarf while watching the video (1st way). It doesn't move or undo and keeps my neck and chest warm. Thanks Imogen

  • Imogen – great tutorial. I cannot believe you stayed so focused with you kid in the background. I would not have been so composed! And what a cutie she is. She practically stole the show! Excellent ideas for the pashmina. I never thought of tying it the first way (I just do the both ends through the hole). But your way lies much more attractively (and warmly!).

  • Thanks Imogen – love the idea of creating a rosette with a rubber band, I love wearing pashmina type scarves around my shoulders, but as you say, the ends keep falling off, I'm going to try that this afternoon when I go out

  • MaryKathleen – it's a great trick!

    K.Line – I didn't even realise she was in the video (concentrating so hard on what to say) until the end where she started cuddling me – though I think she's out of the frame at that stage! My 7 year old son was operating the camera.

    Emma – Yes – works a treat! The rubber bands we get of the asparagus are a particularly good size.

  • Lovely ! Thank you Imogen! Actually I have never worn my pashminas in those ways. I have just wanted to hide inside it to keep myself warm. I´ll certainly try your tricks. You have a lovely daughter too!

  • Fascinating, Imogen…I love the plaited look. I ADORE your accent as well. Miss N. is a very clever girl to tie her own like that…

  • Great video Imogen.
    Especially the rosette style and the tied behind the back way.
    Your daughter made me smile too.
    More please.

  • What a great video! I've been accumulating scarves this winter and this has given me lots of new ideas. I particularly have problems with the end falling off my shoulder (here in windy Melbourne), so I'll be breaking out the rubber bands.

    Cute kiddo, too. 🙂

  • thanks for that 🙂 very insightful. especially the way to tie to cover all your chest… I'm getting cold very fast when my chest is not covered in air conditioned rooms and always had the problem that the scarf didn't cover it all. now I know how to solve that!!!

  • Thanks for the great tutorial. I especially like the tip about making a shrug out of the pashmina – I will definitely be using that one.

    Niamh is gorgeous btw, what a cutie.

  • Thanks for your tips, really useful for me as I wear scarfs or pashminas all the time in this usually cool English weather! LOve your accent by the way. And Niamh is adorable. Ciao. Antonella

  • Thanks for the tips Imogen. I watched my son play soccer tonight & it was a very cold night BUT my chest was soooo warm 🙂 The ladies were very envious of the new look!
    Can you also share some tips on where to shop for the 40's young? Most places in Melbourne are scattered with teeny-bopper stores….you know, just trying to avoid the 'mutton dressed as lamb' thingy.

  • Love it! I usually wear mine both ends through the hole, or I wrap it twice around my neck and tie it in a knot, but I will definitely being trying the plaited look once our weather cools down enough!

    Any chance we could have a basic t-shirt tutorial – I'm stuck, and there's just too much choice! 🙂

  • What a helpful tutorial — and what a great job your seven-your old did of operating the camera without any Blair Witch project shakiness. Your daughter's delightful and already well on the road to being a very fashionable scarf-wearer.

  • Genius! I wore the first 'method' to a very cold nighttime soccer game last night and I am pleased to report that I was toasty! Thank you.

  • Two beautiful ladies! Thank you. Have you ever noticed that Indian or Pakistani women wear them "they way they fall off" but theirs never seem to? I think there's an art to wearing draped fabric.

  • Oooh, this is a GREAT one. I am coming back and and reviewing this video when the weather allows me to bring my pashminas out of the back of my closet.

  • I own heaps of pashmina-sized scarves but never had many options for wearing them. I can't wait to practice your techniques in front of my computer monitor. Thanks, Imogen!

  • Great tutorial – I've been wearing scarfs all my life and finally found the "trick" to keeping that lower area of my chest warm….thank you thank you thank you!!!

    BTW your daughter is adorable!

  • Duchesse – I have it on good authority from a master of the sari that Indian women use safety pins to hold them on! They also use knots for anchoring.

  • Great video tutorial! I knew a couple of the tricks you showed, but some of those knots were new to me, so I'm very excited to try them out! I'm a huge scarf fan, so it's great to pick up a few more tricks!

    And your daughter is too cute! S.

  • I'm seconding Emma's comment: I love the rosette effect. I am going to Las Vegas in a few weeks and I want to bring a pashmina cover up for the plane and also the chilly air conditioned casinos! I might try the little shrug idea too. Your little girl is a living doll!

  • Wow… you are a life saver… i picked up 2 gorgeous pashmina scarves last season and all i did was hang them around my neck! thanks for this… and may i saw your daughter is adorable?

  • Thanks so much for this post! Today I'm wearing my pashmina in one of your suggested ways and it's working great. I can't believe I never thought of this on my own.

  • Ohhhh, little Neevie is so cute! I love that little doll! I love you too, you fab little scarf tying lady!

    Love the rubber band trick; Siri's orthodontic bands are PERFECT for scarf tying and rigging up other things like jewelry.

  • This is the best visual I've seen for scarf tying. The sound was a little off for me but all I needed do was watch you.



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