How to Store Scarves


How to store your scarvesLovely blogger NotSupermum asked how to store her collection of around 50 scarves. So I’m bringing you some options to consider.

Here are a few ideas – click on them to find out more

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From Ikea you could try a Skubb (below)

or a Komplement hanger

Alternatively from you could use the Whitmor Handbag File to store scarves – it hangs over the back of your door and you could hang scarves through the slots.

Or you could try a drawer organiser which has lots of small compartments.

Or even a swing arm pants hanger

Of course there is also the old fashioned coat and hat rack as an option too.

What do you use?


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  • I store scarves in my dresser draw(each draw is approx. 25 x 80 cm). I have inserted draw dividers and each compartment fits 2 lightweight scarves or 1 heavy scarf. Overall this system fits 25 to 30 various weight scarves. I also store my rolled up belts in this way as well as my husband's numerous ties. They are easy for him to select and at the end of the day he rolls up his tie and returns it to its slot.

    All in all this means a quick glance to see which item is needed and it takes a second to roll up the item once I have finished with it, meaning everything stays tidy and organised.

  • Thank you Imogen! What a nice surprise! I love the ideas, especially the Komplement hanger – I'm going to Ikea this week so will look out for one (or two). Thanks again

  • Luckily this is not my problem, because I only have a few scarves, which I store in a drawer along with my gloves. But of the ones presented, I´d choose the Ikea ones. In general, I´m surprised at Ikea´s success worldwide! I hate the idea of having to rebuild the furniture yourself, but these little scarf shelves come in one piece hopefully.

  • Mervat – I wish I had the drawer space for that!

    NotSupermum – happy to help.

    Metscan – Ikea does some great storage products, and I'm quite the wizz with flat pack furniture!

  • I have a makeshift way that works really well for me. I take a thick plastic clamp pants hanger and clip clear plastic shower curtain rings through the various openings the frame of this has. I draw a scarf through each ring. They're smooth and it's easy to yank scarves out or put them back. The whole thing is lightweight and can be moved into better light if necessary. This is the only method I've found where I can see everything at once and am encouraged to put everything back that I take out to try.

  • I have clear plastic drawers that sit on shelves in my closet. Each drawer can hold up to 10 folded silk scarves. My shawls are hung on pants hangers.

  • I don't have anywhere near 50 scarves, but I just use a regular hanger for mine. Fold them and then hang them over the lower straight part of the hanger, and you can easily store up to 10 scarves.

  • I LOVE that Komplement hanger … but I use a different method for now. I've popped two nails into the inside face of my Ikea armoire's door, and wound wire around the nails, which makes a rung. I slip the scarves over the wire, and voila!

  • Like Mervat I have a shallow (7cm) dresser drawer for scarves. I like the methods you show and suggest any storage be out of light; even indirect sunlight within a room can fade the section of the scarf that is exposed.

    You can also store scarves in decorative covered boxes.

  • Wow! So many organized readers! I'm not one of them — at least, I'm organized in that my system works for me, but not as neat and tidy as my fellow commenters. I think I'll have to pick up that Komplement from Ikea — looks perfect for the job. Right now, I've got most of my lighter scarves drapped over the frame for the large mirror attached to my antique dresser — might be too cluttered a look for many, but I like it and like being able to see my choices at a glance. The scarves I'm more likely to wear outside a jacket/coat are downstairs on hooks in the hallway "organization area" — along with the hats, gloves, etc., although I have quite a few tucked away in the bottom drawer of the large wardrobe there as well. Sounds as if I really need the Komplement, doesn't it!

  • I have an over the door hanger like you for all my fabric scarves. My knit scarves I keep tied on a pants hanger in my closet.

  • Great ideas! I have a large decorative hatbox that holds most of mine. I use a hook hanger like the one you pictured to pull out a few to put in "current rotation" though.

  • I used to use a Skubb for my shoes when I had more hanging space in my closet, but now I have mostly shelves.

    I am storing my scarves like this (and rotate thicker, seasonal scarves in and out depending on what time of year it is – the "out of use" ones stay in a large plastic bin.)

    I love the Komplement – next time I'm at Ikea I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the smart idea!

    I also love Deja Pseu's idea of clear plastic drawers that can go on shelves in the closet. Might be worth trying for scarves or tights.

    I also need an over-the-door hanger for handbags, which are not too happy jumbled up on a shelf.

  • Why Imogen, you forget to recommend a bespoke leather chest from Louis Vuitton, individually crafted for each scarf! tut tut 😉 Now back to reality – the Skubb looks good, good old Ikea.

  • Deja – this is a nice solution.

    Samantha – thanks for stopping by and commenting – a regular hanger is great if you don't have lots.

    Sal – nice DIY solution.

    Duchesse- good point about the fading.

    Mater – not everyone is a type A personality!

    Diana – pants hangers are great.

    Kari – yes I tend to rotate too depending on season.

    Cybill – sorry, thought that was the most obvious solution that everyone would know about and wanted to show some others …

  • I have that door-hook thing for my everyday handbags and it is really convenient.
    I have three drawers for scarves. One is for the Hermes style silk scarves which are folded into rectangles a la Hermes so that they can neatly stack. The next drawer is for medium sized pashmina and cashmir scarves and the third drawer is for large pashmina and wool shawl type scaves.
    I also have a hanging scarf hanger, a sort of wood bar with round holes that holds my casual long cotton, rayon and silk scarves.
    I like to hang scarves because it keeps them easy to see and readily available…I don't want to hunt through a drawer in the morning with I'm in a rush to get dressed.

  • A multitude of scarves are stored in a very large drawer. Each one has its’ own plastic bag with a zip top. They are sorted by color and sit in an upright position like file folders. These are mainly silk scarves with cashmere and wool in a similar drawer and lightly folded one on the other. I’ve tried many other ways but this one is the most convenient and can see them all at a glance. As you can see, I love and collect scarves; they are usually the least expensive way to dress up an outfit.

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