Travel Tip #1 – Socks


After having spent years travelling for work (previous life) plus having spent time travelling for pleasure, one essential item I take no matter what the weather is a pair of socks.

Even if it’s mid-summer, and all I’m wearing are sandals or thongs, I always take a pair of socks that I can put on  and wear as slipper substitutes (much smaller, lighter) if I feel that I need them.  The number of times when I’ve either been  in a hotel room and my feet are cold and the socks make all the difference.

Plus of course, they’re great for stuffing into shoes to help keep their shape in your luggage.


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  • I travel a lot and have I have recently started packing socks instead of slippers. I am always cold, summer and winter. This is wonderful advice as simple as it seems.
    ps hope everything is going well at home with your son

  • I always always pack a little pair of socks. I sleep in them. I can't fall asleep if my feet are cold. Once, a long time ago, I forgot to pack them and ended up sleeping with a cashmere cardigan wrapped around my feet, which meant I couldn't wear that cardigan on the day I had planned to. So now the first thing that goes into the suitcase is my pair of little socks.

  • I especially like the super fuzzy ones for plane flights. My feet always freeze on the plane and I feel so much better when they're all tucked up in something soft.

    I also totally agree about hotel rooms. I've started throwing a thin sweatshirt when I travel even to the Caribbean because you never know how cold you'll be and there's not much you can do to fix it in some places.

  • I regularly bring a pair of socks if I know I'm going out after work, or if there's rain in the forecast.

    – tall & slim anon

  • Great point! Being chilly when away from home is no fun. And I agree with Carrietracy, socks for the plane are a must have too.

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