Australia has it’s First Woman Prime Minister


This week something happened that I hoped might happened, I just didn’t expect it in my lifetime, we got our first woman Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

It’s interesting to have watched her image change over the past few years.  Women in politics are often criticised for their appearance (men are too, but not so viciously), and I’ve wanted to help Julia improve her image for years so that it would be less of an issue for her (though have never been allowed close enough to do so).  Now she’ll be scrutinized even more closely and will have to be very careful about what she chooses.

She was obviously given a makeover for the announcement (pic above) on Thursday, the new look is much more smooth and sophisticated than it has been in the past.

Here is Julia when she first came to power as deputy PM in 2007.  This suit doesn’t have the power of the one in the top picture.    The curved lapels, floral embossed fabric and lighter colour make it a less powerful suit than the dark pinstripe.

Here she is again, day 2 of her new job, the suit is better than the 2007 version, but the lapels are all wrong.  Why you may ask?

The lapels are too low (and drag your eye downwards, away from her face), the scale is also too large, her facial features are quite petite and the wide lapels make the whole jacket look a little too big for her.

The other feature I’d change on her jackets is to make sure they all have more angular lapels, preferably peaked, which would draw attention up to her face, and match her facial features (which are all angular).  We look best when the features of our clothing are reminiscent of our eyes, nose, mouth, chin and cheekbones.  Curved lapels draw attention to her sharper features, we notice the difference.

I would suggest that she look to wear Australian designed and made clothes, supporting the local economy and ensure all her clothes fit her perfectly.

Julia (or your peeps), give me a call and I’d love to help you create your best image.

Pics courtesy ABC


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  • That was an interesting, thank you Imogen. Please keep us posted about your suggestions, I learn so much from you

  • Yes, the women in or associated with politics are surely scrutinised far more than the males … but, on the style front – it is very interesting – the jacket she had on today wasn't good – it was a double layer lapel – big lapels on top of each other – in a light floral – blah! Her hair was certainly styled better in the recent days!! Though I really do miss Kevin's cute face and the lovely way he spoke! What do you think of Kristina Kenneally's hair style?

  • There would be much work for you Imogen ;). I mean, she has just about everything a mess. She would need the whole makeover. Hair, make-up, right clothes. We too, here in Finland, have a very fresh woman prime minister. I think she´s younger than your´s, and I have not payed a lot of attention to her yet. Surely she too now has to pay extra attention to her outfits, etc.

  • Gosh! I'd have thought it would be a priority for her to get her image right. She should definitely have an adviser/style consultant – she does look much more authoritarian in the darker suit but she can't afford to leave it to chance: she needs to look appropriately dressed all the time.

  • She's got so much more potential and although she could do better, she's already much better than Angela Merkel (fashionwise, I'm not in in Australian politics), whom I wonder what you'd do with lol I think your suggestions are right on.
    I'd also like to have you take on Michelle Obama 🙂

  • When I was Australia's prime minister, I would make you immediately "minister of beauty and proportions"( or something like that), Australia would be the best dressed nation in the world. But… we would loose you on the internet, and that is an unbearable

  • Fascinating look at lapels!! I just went into my closet to see which way all of mine trended. I have a mix of angular and soft lapels so that'll definitely be something I take into consideration now!
    Hope she calls you!!! You're so right about women in politics being brutalized.

  • I must agree with metscan. I have never seen Ms. Gillard before, but despite a huge potential, she's just managing to look adequate.
    To look compelling, without going over the line to trendy, to get makeup that works FOR her, to develop a signature style that speaks for her, she'll be needing your help.

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