Book review – How to Look Good Naked – Gok Wan


Stop Judging, Start Loving” Gok Wan

If you want some positive reinforcement, go for Gok – How to Look Good Naked is all about how you are already gorgeous and how you can accentuate that gorgeousness.

Gok starts with this in his introduction:

The way you dress tells the world how you feel about your body. And what you wear influences how good you feel about yourself.  … You deserve to feel fabulous all day, every day.  And this, my sweet, is how I’m going to help you.

How wonderful is that?  So much more positive than the Charla Krupp How to Never Look Fat Again –  I reviewed yesterday.

Gok’s book uses positive and fun terminology to describe body shapes.  For instance, in Gok’s term I’m a Sexy Broad (not a Trinny and Sussanah Brick) plus some Cleavage Diva also enters my territory.

Each body section gets a ‘magic fashion formula’ which outlines the principles to enhance your gorgeous shape.  Then  he gives tips on perfect dresses, trousers, skirts, jackets,jeans, coats, tops shoes and accessories.    Extra information on fitting lingerie and swimwear is included in a chapter after the chapters on body shapes.

Also included is a chapter on improving your body image.  This is a positive and affirming book (which can be rare in this genre) and a good basic resource.  The photos throughout are fun and enhance the content.

Light, fun, positive – Recommended.

Another book which I highly recommend is The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mathis for positive affirmation, though this is a much heavier going book on style.


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