What are the Rules This Image Consultant Would Never Break?


navy alfia galimova dressBlogger Metscan asks:  One more suggestion for you Imogen. Could you do a post telling what rules you won´t break ever? It would be so much fun. Thanks ! 

It was interesting thinking about this topic – what rules would I never break?  I know there are definitely rules that I wouldn’t break when dressing my body, but how about rules that I’d never break for anyone?

For me – I’d never belt around my waist, hips OK, but never waist.  I haven’t got a waist (H shape) and it just makes me look dumpy.

I always wear large scale necklaces to distract from those lovely assets on my chest (big bust).

I will always wear flattering colours near my face, no matter how much I might love a garment for it’s style, if the colour looks terrible on me, I won’t go there.

I will always work with my personality when choosing styles.  I’m not a classic dresser, so no matter what the dress code, I always have to twist the style to suit me.

For others – I will work with the client’s personality, sometimes this means they like to stick to all rules (which can be dull), sometimes this means they want to break lots of rules (which is sometimes unflattering), but personality rules.

I will  always try and encourage my clients to highlight their assets, and use the principles of line and design to create flattering illusions.

I will only let high classics match their shoes and handbag, and the same goes for jewellery sets – matching earrings and necklace, everyone else needs to break it up a bit.

If I have the choice, I will only look for flattering colours that suit my clients.

What rules would you never break?

What rules do you break all the time? 


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  • Thanks for choosing this subject:)!
    There are lots of colors that I find very difficult to be around with. Just to name a few: xmas red, camel, mustard, orange, turquoise.. Then I don´t like shirts with a classic strict collar, turtle necked tops, classic pants..
    I know that black is not exactly my color, but if I can place it so, that there is space between the black and my face, it can really look elegant (IMO). That space could be a broad neckline, with or without jewelry. a scarf/pashmina/shawl..

  • HRM! The only one I can think of off-hand is that I will never wear a top that does not fit perfectly in the shoulders. For me, too-big shoulders is the worst sin! lol The rest, I feel like there is usually a loophole in there somewhere…

  • All I know is that I am SO HAPPY I just followed your link, found the page with celebrity body shapes, and now believe that I am a V shape. I have been dying to figure this out. Thank you!

  • I will never ever wear white running shoes with blue jeans. But I wear brown and black together. I also wear peep toes with tights.

  • Oh come on, white running shoes with flared light blue jeans and a white t-shirt is cute 😉

    I'd never wear tights and peep-toe, on the other hand.

    I really dislike pink and red together. Also don't like combining different shades of blue in very many ways.

    I'd never ever show too much skin. Too tight – maybe, too bare – never.

  • Rules change. One I recall from my mother's time is "Do not go out without gloves on, in any season." and "A lady never smokes on the street."

    There are so few rules now, but I adhere to one, "Do not wear black or white to a wedding".

    The most frequently-flouted of the old rules is actually done by men: "Do not wear a hat indoors". I dislike baseball caps worn in a restaurant, I know it's done all the time, but it looks awful to me. Funny, the beanie looks kind of cute, though. Weird, no?

  • Great post! I so agree with the "break it up a bit" suggestion, rather than following "the rules". I almost never break my long skirt rule (they make me look so short and frumpy!)
    And I almost never break my neckline rule. High, tight or cowl necklines make my cheeks look really fat.

  • Great post (again) Imogen! My rules are never to match my shoes and purse (they can be the same colour but they shouldn't look like they came from the same "line"). My only other rule is to never wear large chunks of animal print as I don't want to be labelled a cougar. All other rules are to be broken! I love brown with black, short skirts over opaque black tights (which is supposed to be a no-no for anyone over 40), and wearing vertical stripes even though I'm 6' in my high heels.

  • What a great topic and post, thanks Metscan and Imogen. My rules?Hmmm…here is one: No tennis shoes or gym clothes unless I am going to the gym or walking.

  • I just broke one of my longstanding rules by buying a pair of midcalf boots. They cut my legs in half, and they are flat as well. I've changed the laces for plaid ribbon in the hopes that it will distract from my stumpy legs, but I'm really regretting the purchase.

  • -Nothing too sexy at a wedding, funeral, christening or religious service
    – No black or white to a wedding
    – No bright colours at a funeral
    – no reinforced sheer pantyhose with peep toe shoes/ sandals
    – no little girls dressed like 19 year-olds
    – no 40 year olds dressed like 19 year olds

  • I am not a classic dresser by definition as I think my style while elegant has a fair bit of creativity and it’s also dramatic and feminine. But I always match shoes and bags (black and black and nude and nude) and I do have various sets of necklaces and earrings that came as a set when I bought them. I simply love matchy-matchy. That’s the only rule Imogen has ever said we should preferably break but I don’t want to 🙂

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