Tips to Dress a Plus Size X


Reader Kanerou asks:

Do you have any plans to do an entry on dressing for plus-sized Xs? I have a couple pairs of black cargo pants which I dearly like, but I’m not sure how to dress up top, now that my waist isn’t so slim and my bust is even more of a bother than before.

Some tips for dressing a plus size X shape is to take some of the tips of H shape as you may be losing your waist.

Consider what you want to highlight – which are your best assets?  Do you have amazing hair,  pretty eyes, a gorgeous bust, pretty hands and wrists, great calves or ankles?  Once you’ve figured this out use detail to draw attention to your assets, and then keep the rest boring.

Plus Size Tips - Highlight Your Assets
Plus Size Tips – Highlight Your Assets

So with your cargo pants, if possible consider creating a column of colour so as not to draw attention to your mid-section.  Ensure that your clothes are fitted and not boxy, skim without clinging.  You want waist definition without attention, avoid belting or tucking so you don’t create unflattering horizontals around your waist.

Look for larger scale jewellery, necklaces or earrings which will draw attention up to your face and away from your bust.


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  • The person who asked you this question may be having trouble finding tops precisely because she chose cargo pants.

    I am an X (albeit a slim one), and I found that while pants with pockets on the hips look fine on their own, they are really hard to match with a top — only a very specific length and cut works.

    Whereas with pants without any detailing, the top options open up.

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