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Metscan mentioned that she wanted to know what I packed and wore at the AICI conference in Sydney over the weekend.  I spent 4 days in Sydney, the weather wasn’t great, though the forecast for Monday was sunny and mid 20s (that’s something like 80F).  So I’ve done a quick Polyvore on the floor of the clothes I took so you can see.  I did leave out jewellery, each outfit had a statement piece except far right, in the picture sorry).

What I packed and wore at the AICI Conference

Ok – so from left to right:

  • Silk shirt – wore Monday (after the conference was over, but when I met with Tiffany from Truly the Dullest Blog – she is not dull at all)m with jeans and silver ballet flats (not pictured).  I wore this back on the flight home.
  • Blue Tee and navy jacket, jeans and black shoes pictured (kitten heels) underneath jeans – wore Sunday.
  • Black top and skirt, wore with black ankle length leggings and black slingbacks to the conference dinner and fashion parade on Friday night.
  • Periwinkle long sleeve wool knit and grey dress – wore Saturday with knee-high black boots (pictured right).
  • Black dress, silver scarf, black and grey jacket, knee-high black boots – wore Friday (wore on the flight too).

That’s all I took and it was enough.

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  • Hi Imogen. Totally off the topic of your excellent capsule wardrobe – just wondering if you know any good consultants in WA? I have a girlfriend who really wants a bit of a shakeup (she's been wearing nothing but black forever and it's not looking good anymore).

  • Like the wardrobe capsule, a mix of casual and dressy and more business like too. Do you get much wear out of those black high vamp shoes to the far left, or do you just wear them with pants. Did you use your hero concept for all outfits. I thought the hero was the silver scarf and jacket in the dressy outfit to the far right. Your colours are black, grey and blue (both navy and perwinkle) for your wardrobe capsule.

  • Katherine – yes I get heaps of wear from the high vamp black shoes on the left – only ever with trousers or jeans, never with skirts. They are a small heel and very comfortable.

    Yes – each outfit had a hero – The black and grey jacket – very hero (with the silver scarf). The blue jacket is also a more subtle hero – wore it with a glass necklace that picks up both the turquoise of the tshirt and the navy of the jacket.

    The black evening oufit – the top has rosette detail at the neckline, and I wore with with a 5 strand jet choker necklace.

    The silk shirt has a pattern which creates interest, I wore it with a modern twist on pearls – each pearl on a leather thong, tied and hanging like a bunch of grapes.

    The long grey dress is a hero – has unusual construction details.

  • Thank you for sharing your packing! I especially like the black combination and the one next to it, on the right. I bet you looked smashing!

  • That was fun! As an aside, am always surprised when I hear the black and navy can't be worn together. Hope you had a delightful time.

  • oooh, lovely palette. so coordinated and chic and effortless-looking (but we all know it's hard work to look that great, ha!).

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