Creating Focus on Your Assets


Focal points are created by detail on clothing – whether it’s colour, shiny fabrics, pockets, distressing on jeans, ruffles, pattern, belts, beading or jewellery. You can use detail to draw attention to your assets and away from areas you’d rather people didn’t notice.

Focus on Your Assets



You can see from this collection how the details draw attention to different areas of the body, depending where the colour, accessories, sheen and pattern sit.
  • Face: draw attention with jewellery and detail high up on garments.
  • Neck: necklaces and high ruffled collars.
  • Shoulders: interesting lapels and shoulder detail.
  • Arms: cap sleeves and sleeve detail.
  • Wrists/hands: cuff detail, bracelets, watches and rings.
  • Bust: ruffles, sheen, graphics and brighter and lighter colours can all draw attention.
  • Waist: belts and colour changes at the waist will highlight.
  • Hips/thighs: distressing on denim, colour blocking, hems that end at the thighs draw focus.
  • Calves: horizontal feature bands at the hem, ruffled skirt and dress hems.
  • Feet: Shoes with sparkle and detail, alternate coloured shoes.


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  • I get the idea, but find it difficult to find where my assets are. I do know, however, what things to avoid ( after reading your posts ) when dressing . If I try to be as objective as I can, maybe my height and my slenderness, is something I am able to come up with. I don´t have to emphasize my 5´10, nor do I have hide it. I like to have some heels under me, but there is no need to end up with platform shoes. How could I make the most of my slenderness and height with the shortish waistline, the long calves and the fact that I´m not as young as I used to be ? P.S. I like my diamond studs and a statement necklace, but don´t want to wear them together. It´s a bit too much.

  • I agree with metscan, sometimes is dificult to know what your assets are because we spend so much time trying to 'disguise' the other parts that we don't like.
    Imogen , can I ask your opinion on skinny jeans inside boots for the A and X types(I guess I'm one of those that's why I'm asking )

  • Brilliant, as always, Imogen.

    I'm curious to hear your response to metscan and nurmisur. My instinct is to say that you can choose which features you consider to be your assets: Do you love your long slender neck and shapely arms? Then dress to draw attention to 'em.

  • Every woman has beautiful features, but some women ignore them because they consider a good hairdresser or a pedicure unnecessary. To find your assets, look at photos or ask your friends to look with you. Do not ask your sweetheart, as you might hear something like "Everything about you!" which is delightful but not as helpful.

  • Thank you Imogen, I found this post especially helpful to me. I am constantly trying to camaflogue what I view as, less than perfect body parts.I will use your ideas to bring the attention to my best assets. Thanks again.

  • Metscan – sounds like you can highlight your calves – look for skirts with detail at the hem, great shoes (they don't have to have heels!). Also highlight your decollete using your statement necklace, or earrings.

    Nurmisur – skinny jeans with boots look great with a longer tunic top, a longer cardigan (not done up) for any shape.

    Sal – absolutely – whatever you love about yourself, draw attention to it.

    Duchesse – you are so right about the haircut and decent pedicure – a great haircut can make all the difference to whether or not you feel confident and show off your assets.

    Michelle Y – thanks so much for coming by and commenting – yes, we get so wrapped up in camouflaging, we forget about highlighting!

  • Thank you Imogen! I have always felt comfortable with a mid-calf coat and a largish handbag as well. For this autum I have a 5/6 length trench with the 5/6 sleeves, I already have told you about. This is a major hop for me to something new. I´m thinking of accessorizing these with a huge shawl, big bag and a below the knee skirt. What do you say ?

  • Imogen, I’ve been told by stylists that for effective communication with others, the goal is always to bring attention to one’s face. I’m afraid that highlighting my lower half (since I’m a V body shape) is going to hamper communication with others since everyone will be looking below the waist. I’ve even seen one of your own videos where you talk about “dressing the portrait” (head & upper shoulders) first. Not sure how to reconcile these two different approaches.

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