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Wardrobe capsules are a great way of making your clothes work harder for you and your dollar go further.  A wardrobe capsule is a selection of up to 12 garments plus accessories that all work together.

Today I’ve created a capsule for a busy mum on the go.  8 practical easy care garments along with 3 pairs flat shoes for chasing the kids, plus some scarves and accessories to change up the look and add focal points and detail.

This combination can all be mixed and matched for versatility and can create easily, garments alone, 22 different outfits, before adding in the options of changing up your look with different shoes and accessories to create some hero action.

What to Wear as a Busy Mum - a wardobe capsule for your lifeEach accessory adds at least 8 more outfit options totalling over 78 different looks.

If you added in a pair of chocolate trousers you’d then create another 20+ outfit options, just with one more garment that works with all the others.

When figuring out what works in your wardrobe, why not go shopping in your wardrobe and see if you can create some capsules like this to make getting up and dressed each day fast and easy but with style.  You may discover you have part of a capsule, but may need to add in a jacket or a top or two, these are the holes that need filling in your wardrobe to make it work really hard for you.  No more random purchasing, find your capsules and save money as you don’t buy orphans when getting your next shopping fix.

This is also an ideal capsule if you were travelling for a week or two, and would fit in carry-on luggage!

So all you busy mums, what are your essential items that you wear over and over?


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  • This is a great idea! I spend half my morning taking things in and out of my closet, trying to decide how they'll work out together. If I run out of time, I toss on a T-shirt and call it a day, but this would make my life so much easier!

  • Cool idea! Especially for vacations! I have a quick question and a request :o) I love the boots! Where'd you get them and are they still available? And, I am hopeless at dressing myself! I'm 26 without kids, I work part time at a place with a very casual dress code. After work, I'd like to look nice and feel good about what I'm wearing, but I hate everything in my closet. I try to get inspiration online, but a lot of fashion websites show outfits with sky-high heels, and that just isn't going to work for my day-to-day life (grocery shopping, walking my dogs, etc.) Also, I'm kinda tall – 5'10" and not everything is available in tall sizes. Could you make a day-to-day capsule aimed toward my age demographic, for tall girls or for a two week trip to a European country (going to Denmark this summer!!)? That would help me out tremendously!! I know you're busy, so any hints or tips would be so, so great!

    Love your blog!!!

  • What's an IPhone doing in there? lol!

    Otherwise – loves it! I'm all about capsules and getting dressed quickly. My whole wardrobe is pretty much a capsule (more than 12 items though, maybe 20).

    I only hesitate when going out, when I'd like to dress up a little bit. A bit of make-up and necklaces do it then.

    – tall & slim anon

    P.S. LOVE the notion of 'shopping in my own closet'. I've done it many times, and always found new ways to combine items.

  • Wonderful post! How about other wardrobe capsules. Maybe one for older women? I wear black wool gabardine pants daily.

  • I am also a busy mom who loves to look at all the lovely fashions but has a hard time translating them to my casual lifestyle. This is an excellent help! Could you also recommend some style blogs of fashionable stay home moms?

  • Could you show us the 22 clothing combinations? I am not even sure of mixing some of those clothes together.

  • Keith and Margaret,

    Each of these tops/t-shirts can be worn with both bottoms, and can also be paired with both of the cardigans, which when you try each in combination adds up pretty quickly to multiple outfits.

    Then by changing the shoes, scarves, jewellery you can further change the appearance of the outfits.

    Tall and Slim – I don't know too many Mum's who don't have some sort of mobile phone, many have iphones!

  • Oh my goodness I want it all! I am in the process of losing weight after my last baby (now 5 months old – 2kg down and 13 to go) so I am studying your blog and taking notes. This capsule is perfect! Even when I go back to work it would be great! I want you to come shopping with me!!

  • WOW! That is super helpful! When I shop or make clothes for myself, I usually wind up with odds and ends that do not go together. I'm starting to get the notion that I should keep the capsule colors and shapes in a picture in my pocket so I can refer to it when clothes or fabric shopping.

    That would also be an extraordinary maternity foundation for spring/summer. Thank you for the inspiration!

    I also really appreciate the flats…I am 6' tall and prefer to keep it to 2" or less.

  • Seriously, what a great and fun idea. I just got your free ebook so I’m going to work on my wardrobe. I feel like frump mom right now. I was a professional teacher for 12 years. I came home and had children and now all my clothes don’t fit or are not the style I need. This sounds perfect.

  • Brilliant. Found this late but it’s still highly relevant. To those above bemoaning orphans in their wardrobe don’t worry I’ve had 30 years of parenting and only after deciphering capsule ideas for a while has the penny dropped clearly. My wardrobe is beginning do look like a family tree, everyone related to each other and the joy is tangible in there. I love it. Seriously it’s like going to the circus, it’s so enjoyable, at last!

  • *to look*
    and iPhones are an extension of everyone’s hand aren’t they? My grown yo children and I have to be restrained at family time every night. (?)

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