Discovering Your Assets


After my post on Highlighting Your Assets, some commenters seemed to have trouble working out what their assets are, they’ve spent so long being told about and focussing on their ‘flaws’ but never ‘assets’. I see everything as an asset, and don’t believe in flaws. It’s just that some assets you may want to highlight, and some assets you may wish to camouflage.

For example, asset – a large bust, some situations I might want to draw attention to it, and sometimes draw attention away.
Some women love their booty (another asset) and want to draw attention to it with pocket detail on their jeans, others would rather that it wasn’t the focus of attention.
There is no absolute right or wrong, it’s how YOU feel about your body, the situation and appropriateness for that situation.
Over the years I’ve met clients who have trouble finding any part of their body they consider to be an asset (and as Duchesse commented, don’t ask your sweetheart, he’ll tell you everything is an asset). Instead ask a trusted friend. You may be surprised about what they see as your most attractive assets that you have completely overlooked.
Metscan commented that she wasn’t sure what to highlight, but mentioned she has long calves, is tall, and is short waisted, so for a quick idea I did this Polyvore.
This is a simple outfit that creates two focal points, the lower legs and above the decolletage.
Add a bracelet and you’d draw attention to your forearms, wrists and hands, choose some glittering earrings to draw attention to your face.
Homework for today: go and ask a friend what they think your assets are and report back – are you surprised what others see as assets that you ignore?


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  • Thank you so much for the polyvore. One picture says so much more than many words. I did my homework, and what I got for answers, were the same I myself found out: The height and the slenderness. I do have long arms too, so I rarely wear short sleeves, I prefer cap sleeves+pashmina or 3/4 or full length ones. ( I just want you to know, that now that I know, it is very liberating not to have to use those broad belts anymore. I have left 1-2 for my winter coats and the rest are gone 😉 !

  • Thank you for the answer on the skinny jeans 🙂
    It's so true that sometimes our assets are the things we least expect.
    I always took for granted my broad shoulders and never though much about it but some people think it's one of my best assets.

  • Here here! I totally understand how all the focus on hiding body "flaws" might eclipse any sense of even possessing assets … but it makes me sad to think that we've become so focused on the hiding, that we've lost sight of the celebrating. Love you attitude, and great advice on identifying our most promotable features!

  • It's a catch 22 for me. On the one hand I have a large bust (asset) and a curvy shape that looks best in fitted tops. On the other, I have back rolls under my bra band and a belly (after 5 babies) that I want to hide under big tops. I have small ankles (asset) that look great with shorter skirts, but I have big calves that I want to hide.

  • You have such a great way of looking at getting dressed. I'm searching for my assets … they should be here somewhere …

  • Cheers for your positive focus!

    And how abut also ignoring your flaws sometimes? Today (29C in Toronto) I saw a woman of maybe late 60s in a tank top and she had the wrinkliest arms ever- her wrinkles were wrinkled. She was striding along, smiling and chatting with another woman and I so appreciated her out there enjoying a sunny summer day, not hiding under long sleeves.

  • Metscan – happy to help. I'm sure your arms are in proportion to your height! And I'm glad you're feeling liberated.

    Nurmisur – I would love a pair of broad shoulders!

    Sal – Thanks – love your attitude too!

    Anon – Often back rolls are a result of an ill-fitting bra – make sure that's not the case for you! I often wear a shapewear singlet/tank top that hides the back fat and my stomach (which too is a little loser from kids).

    Why not draw attention to your pretty ankles with shoe detail?

    Duchesse – absolutely break all the rules! I often wear skirts that make my hips appear wider because they're an expression of my personality. I'm soon doing a post on rule breaking.

  • I learned a lot about my assets (and flaws) when I recently developed some rolls of film which had been sitting around for 1-3 years. Seeing fairly recent snapshots of myself, from various angles and in different outfits and hairstyles really helped me understand some things I hadn't before… Things that others see but I usually don't.

    Looking back at a large collection of snapshots of yourself: highly recommended!

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