Weekend Reading: Favourite Posts of 2009


I wanted to share some of the posts I most enjoyed writing or putting together over the past year of blogging.

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Happiness Project Update

I’m currently on a weeks holiday with my kids in Canberra (where my parents live).  Today I took my kids to the pool, one of those ones with lots of water slides.  It’s hot (37C) and the kids had so much fun,  watching them in the pool reminded me of my summer holidays as a kid.

Yesterday we visited with my cousin (Ok, step-second-cousin-twice-removed) Rachel, who has a 5 week old baby.  Niamh was entranced watching her, having a little cuddle, and ‘softing’ her tiny head.

It’s nice to take a little time out to visit with friends and family, and enjoy some lazy time at the pool, rather than rushing around all the time.

How about you?  What have you been up to that makes you happy?


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  • I'm glad you're enjoying some time out. We've had an unexpected extra weeks holiday from school because of the snow – we've had a lot of snow in the UK and the freeing temperatures (it's colder than the north pole apparently!) means it hasn't melted.

    Enjoy the sun!

  • Sounds like such a fun vacation! My husband's nephew and his wife and daughters live near Melbourne and we're dying to go visit them soon. Maybe during next years Australian Open. My twins turn 1 next week so hubby and I are starting to feel the travel bug, since it'll be easier to leave them with family.
    Making me happy lately? Fiddling with the serger I got for Christmas so I can do more fun sewing projects.

  • So glad you are having fun Imogen 🙂 Hearing about this cheered me up. I truly love your blog as it really inspires thought and is therapeutic.
    I was happy today looking back at our Christmas pics…everyone laughing, dogs all over the place… this is what happiness is about, the little things that we share with those we love. Enjoy your vacation and have a drink for me!

  • Imogen- I spent this morning being irresponsible with my 2 chicks- we were out in the snow, sweeping it into piles, making a snowman, throwing balls. Came inside to have cocoa and then cooked lunch. I remember these days wen I was a child and wanted my kids to have it too. We rarely get snow here but this years cold snap has brought enough. I really enjoy visiting your blog- it always leaves me fod for thought. Maureen

  • I try to arrange something special for every day. Nothing big, maybe weeding out my closets and cupboards, arranging things around the house in a different way, maybe going to see what new the shops have to offer, taking my weeded out clothes and things to secondhand or antique shops for sale ( this is especially much fun). Having meetings with people who share my thoughts. Going alone to a nice cafe and ordering a piece of an unhealthy piece of cake. I wish you a well-deserved holiday week!

  • Like you, spending time with family. Unfortunately I am back at work. Shouldn't say unfortunately as I am very happy to have a job but a longer summer holiday would have been nice.

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