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Thanks to all who shared your stories of packing and luggage catastrophes, but for sheer laugh out loud factor (and maybe because this is the kind of thing I would have done at the same age), the winner of the competition is  Cybill, and here is her entry:

When I was a 13 year old girl, going off on my first flight alone I thought it important to pack ‘grown-up’ clothes. I wasn’t a child any-more you know. So I packed a pair of my sisters high heels and changed into them on the plane (so my mum wouldn’t find out, or my sister for that matter). Anyhoo, I was one of the first to disembark and I got to the top of the plane stairs teetering in my heels. Of course I lost my footing and cartwheeled down the stairs. The hostess was laughing so hard she couldn’t even help me up. I lay like a starfish on the tarmac looking VERY grown up in my high-heels.

Travelling Light is now available for purchase for only $19.95.  In this 79+ page ebook you’ll discover:

  • My formula for success
  • How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Choosing Colours for your Travel Wardrobe
  • How to Mix Patterns and Colours
  • What to take on a business trip
  • What to take on a holiday, whether a city, country or tropical destination
  • How to add accessories to extend your travel wardrobe
  • What to wear on the plane
  • What to take on long-haul flights
  • In-flight carry-on regulations
  • Overcoming Jetlag
  • Choosing the bag
  • Packing method
  • Toiletries and Makeup tips
  • Packing for Men
  • Travelling with Kids

Plus much more useful tips and information gleaned from years of experience.


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  • Hi Imogen – I just wanted you to know I bought the e-book and think it is the best book on the subject I have seen.
    I am sure I will recoup the cash I paid by not buying stuff I don’t really need and working with what I already I have.
    I am away to Spain for two weeks in August and will be applying your rules.
    I hope you have contacted all the women’s magazines. As a former feature writer we used to cover the subject in some form every year.

  • Your book is gorgeous( not that one should judge a book by its cover—but when it is written by a gorgeous and smart Image consultant I do think the cover matters).

    I am going to try and pack VERY light for our trip to Hawaii. 3 bathing suits; 3 sun dresses; tees; tunic tops; cardigan; 2 skirts and 2 linen pants. I feel like following your guidance I will make much better packing choices.

  • Jane – thanks so much for buying a copy! If you know of any contacts at the womens mags who would be interested please let me know and I can forward a copy!

    Cybill – enjoy – at least fall has come to some good!

    La Belette – thanks I hope the content is as good as the cover.

    Maria – reading that made me laugh too!

  • I am getting this book! Congrats Dear. I look forward to finally looking like the woman I always want to be when I travel.

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