Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
87: Colour and Style Q&A: Column of colours tips for medium high value contrast, shabby chic style, and wearing a necklace with a large bust.

In this Episode

0.06 Column of Colour tips when you look better in an inner dark column but have a medium high value contrast and don’t want to wear a light topper as it’s not the right ideal value – any ideas?
3. 37 I love Shabby Chic style – yet the light colours and low contrast that are typical of this style don’t work with my dark ideal value (hair) and high-value contrast – suggestions?
8.01 How do I know how long a necklace to wear with a large bust?

Column of Colour

How to Select Your Best Neutrals

5 Simple Steps to Choosing a Patterned Garment in a Column of Colour

How to Get the Right Contrasts and Value with an Inner Column of Colour

Ideal Value

What’s Your Ideal Value and How it Creates Balance in Outfits

Style Rules for Building a Wardrobe of Classic Staples When You Have a Light Ideal Value

Where Celebrities Go Right and Wrong with Their Contrast

Necklaces Choice with a Large Bust

How to Wear Long and Large Scale Necklaces

Minimize a Large Bust with Jewelery

The Scale of Necklaces Relating To Your Bust Size

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