69: Colour and Style Q&A: How to Build a Wardrobe of Clothes? What are Home Cleaning Appropriate Clothes That are Stylish?, How to Plan outfits When Weather Keeps Changing?

In This Episode:

0.10 How to build a wardrobe of clothes that work for the weather and occasion when I tend to wear my workout clothes casually and I can'[t seem to get out of the trap of wearing 20% of my wardrobe 80% of the time?
7.34 What are home cleaning appropriate clothes that are stylish?
9.20 How to plan outfits for the week when the weather keeps changing and the outfits no longer work?

Wardrobe Building

6 Brilliant Strategies to Creating the Perfect Wardrobe Part 1

4 Simple Tips to Help You Build a Stylish Wardrobe of Clothes

5 Excellent Reasons to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Casual At Home Clothes

10 Comfy Casual Outfit Ideas You Want to Copy Now

How to Smarten Up Your Super Casual Clothes

Find Your Sweatsuit Alternative – Weekend Style Challenge

Planning Outfits

Your Essential Weekly Wardrobe and Outfit Planner

Tips to Help You Layer More Stylishly

How to Layer Your Clothes and Look Stylish

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