8 Tips on What To Wear When You Have a Flat Chest


If you’ve got a flat chest, either that’s just the way you are or you’ve had a mastectomy and decided against reconstruction, you’ll have discovered that most women’s clothes are made for boobs, so what are the styles of clothes you can look for that will enhance your figure?

1. Extra Fabric Volume Over the Chest

This is one of the easiest things to look for in women’s clothing.  Frequently you’ll find a frill or some extra fabric volume that’s designed to go over the bust area.  


What to wear when you have a flat chest


2. Low V Necklines

Lower necklines work well when you don’t have boobage that’s likely to fall out!  In fact, it can look amazing on a flat chest having a deep low V shape (not at work OK, but out in the evening, it’s an option for you!).

3. Off-the-Shoulder Tops

You don’t need a bra, so any sort of top that is off the shoulder, one-shoulder or strapless could be an option!    No uncomfortable strapless bras for you!   

4. Busy Patterns

Tops and dresses in busy patterns are also another way to distract the eye so that nobody notices what is actually going on underneath (it’s a trick we can all use – we are often told that we should avoid patterns as they can draw attention to a body part, when in fact, a busy all-over pattern can be great as the eye can’t settle and just keeps on movin’ on!).

What to wear when you have a flat chest

5. Unusual Construction and Draping

Another option is to find tops with some unusual construction and draping that means we are delighting in the creative construction and therefore it distracts from the expectation of seeing a bust.  You will also find it could be easier to alter out any excess fabric that has been allowed for the bust (some creative darts) in this kind of shirt or top.

6. Chest Pockets

They are the enemy of the large bust and the best-friend of the small or flat-chested!

7. High Necklines

Just as you can do the super low V neckline, you also rock the high neckline.  Then add in some pleating (as I’ve done in this example above) that would just make a bust look enormous, this would be great on you.  

8. Darker Tops

A darker top makes the area recede, then adding a lighter coloured jacket or cardigan will also make it less obvious.  This is particularly useful when choosing knit tops.

8 tips for what to wear when you've got a flat chest


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  • Thanks Imogen! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for ? I’ve experienced after my mastectomy that it has both advantages and disadvantages, it takes a while to learn how to dress differently. I learned that I’m not that into ruffles, but that I love pleated tops. One thing I also found is stiffer fabrics on top add volume too, so I choose cotton shirts instead of viscose now.

  • I’m very small-chested and I both do need a bra, and don’t feel it’s a flaw that I should distract from. I just wear the colours and materials that I like, just like anybody else. Also-maybe because English isn’t my native tongue-the phrase ‘flat-chested’ sounds dismissive to me. I’m surprised it’s still being used in these body positive times.

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