304: Your colour questions answered about Shoes, Large Bust, and What to Wear on Video.

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0.08 My concern is how do I feel stylish AND comfortable at work! I have a 1 hour commute, with some walking, and sneakers are not an option at the office…
I am curvy, 5’6″ a UK 16 up (big bust) and a 12 down. So it is not easy to find clothes that fit right.
5.22The big issue I am stressing about is what to wear on my YouTube videos.
I am a quilter and really want to pump up my YouTube content this coming year. I see some people wear a uniform. Others go all out.
I am the relaxed style, according to your quiz. And I am in Denver. We tend to keep it very casual, like you just came in from hiking or something. I need to be genuine and dress my style but still a little unsure how to make it look good for the camera.
I also need it to be easy and somewhat feminine, but not frilly. I need to be able to make quick changes and allow for coordinating with quilts that might be behind me. The right color in the right place is a big thing for me.
And I need to be able to plan for several videos at once and have outfits ready.
10.12 – I have 2 issues, the first is how to look chic but I can only wear flat shoes.
The second is Fit. I’m a size 6, but my derrière is a little flat and my shoulders are relatively broad. Finding clothes that don’t gap here or there is a challenge.

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