Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
228: Colour and Style Q&A: How can I dress my portrait area? Why is it so hard to form my own style? How to formulate a capsule wardrobe?

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0.08 I’ve just had thyroid surgery and, as a result, I have a 7cm scar on the front of my lower neck. How can I “dress” my portrait area without drawing attention to the scar or having to wear scarves or jewellery over it?
2.28 My style isn’t cohesive enough. When I make moodboards, they feel to all-over-the-place and don’t convey a unified style. Of course, I could just set artificial limits for my style, and that would make my wardrobe cohesive, but I don’t want to do that. I want my likes and personality to form one unified, visually appealing and memorable style. Like a wardrobe for a fantasy character. I want my style to be beautiful, distinctive, cool, and memorable, like a cool eccentric character. I love creating characters. When I design their wardrobes, it comes really easily to me, to make a distinctive, visually appealing clothing style for my characters. But when I try doing it for myself, it’s too messy and incohesive. I just don’t understand, why is it so hard to form my own style? I’ve been at it for 5 years now. It’s so easy to create a style for a character. When I create a character, I know their characteristics and create a visual style based on that.
6.53 How to formulate a capsule wardrobe to take me into the next phases of my life – 50s 60s 70s?



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