Where to Find Unique, Interesting and Low Cost Accessories to Add to Any Outfit


Where to Find Unique, Interesting and Low Cost Accessories to Add to Any Outfit

The other day when I was asking how you all felt about accessories, one reader said that she was disappointed that accessories were as costly as an item of clothing.  This can be true at times, particularly if you live somewhere that has deep discounting in sales and you take advantage of this opportunity.

Why Invest In Accessories

I also look at accessories as being the items in your wardrobe that:

  1. Last a long time – fashions change more quickly
  2. Fit you no matter your weight
  3. Are smaller and easy to store so you keep them for much longer
  4. Rarely wear out
  5. Can completely change how a garment looks

They are the icing on your sartorial cake.  Without accessories, unless you have lots of hero garments in your wardrobe, your outfits will appear bland and dull, lacking in that all important focal point.

I’m guessing she’s not just talking about shoes and bags, but also jewellery and scarves, and feels that these are too expensive.
Yes, real gold and precious stones are expensive.  These days, there are so many great handmade and costume jewellery options that you needn’t spend a fortune on finding something that suits your personality and that you love to wear.

Where to Find Unique, Interesting and Low-Cost Accessories

There are lots of options to get fantastic reasonably priced accessories that look great from everywhere from art and craft markets to boutiques to Etsy, Amazon and other online stores.
Affordable accessories on Etsy
And here is a silk scarf  from Silk Artisan on Etsy.  She makes all sorts of handpainted scarves in different colours – you could find one in any palette!  So if you know your colour palette you may find it really easy to discover the perfect scarf for you!
 Great places to buy accessories at a low cost
How cute are these sterling silver origami earrings on Etsy.  These are poodles but there are so many other animals and objects!
Some of my statement necklaces come from Amazon – there are lots of sellers there with interesting pieces.
Finding Great Accessories
This flower necklace is an Amazon find – and they come in a range of colours from greens and blues to oranges, yellows and reds.  The whole rainbow of options.
There are lots of other places you can find accessories of all sorts – deeply discounted – such as on Catch of the Day – who are constantly changing stock and bringing in new items.  From sunglasses to bracelets and bangles (plus things like my Asics running shoes), handbags, earrings, belts – you name it!
When I look at the cost-per-wear of many of my accessories, I get lots of value from them too.  When you understand your personality, body shape and colouring (which is part of my 7 Steps to style program if you want my professional opinion), and then can choose accessories to flatter,  you can afford to have a wardrobe of accessories and enjoy using them to add some life and interest to your clothing.
Where do you find your best accessories?
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  • The flea market. fantastic items and even better prices. And weeding through the junk is half the fun !

  • Thank you Imogen.Yes, I was talking about his kind of items.
    I'll check the options you gave and I really like the scarf you've shown.

  • Once we break up with brands, inexpensive to reasonable accessories are everywhere. I like Indian and Asian import shops; I bought a shawl size scarf made from brilliant recycled sari silk for $35.

    I view jewelry differently; it's worth saving for a beautiful silver ring, rather than a drawer full of cheap stuff which may look good for a month but then scratches, breaks or deteriorates.

  • Although it's nice to have "real" jewelry, I love getting stuff at Banana Republic. Their designs are FABULOUS, and when they have a sale box it's like going through Grandma's jewel box.

  • I have three daughters and often their gifts to me are accessories!
    When I travel, I like to buy local, hand-made items…such as two summers ago when I went to Taos, New Mexico, (again) I bought pieces from the Pueblo and was able to visit with the artists! That was amazing…and they were surprisingly inexpensive.
    My other favorite is an overstock/clearance store called Ross. I've found wonderful items there, such as a pashmina shawl for $7.00!

  • I´m with Duchesse about jewelry. At this age, I want less, but then I want it to be more. And at this certain age I have about all the accessories I possibly will need need. But for small presents, I trust the local artisans for handmade, unique products.

  • I find my best accessories…in my memory box. I have kept every pin, earrings, scarf, belt, and hair ornament/tool from the time I turned 18 through now. Some are family heirlooms (a trio of silver mushroom-shaped brooches, each a different 'shroom and size), some were cheap impulse purchases (pressed tin pins, a parrot and an old-fashioned cowboy from the shoulders up, Stetson and all), some from high-end department stores (silk scarf with perfect for me floral print in pale pink, pale blue, and pale grey) and some from drug stores (faux tortoise barrette with the good French clasp, still works 25 years later).

    They don't all come out every year, or even every decade, but I keep returning to my stash and some items have become "my" classics.

  • Eternal Voyageur – markets can be goldmines!

    Nurmisur – Etsy is such a great resource.

    Anon – yes op shops will also have hidden gems.

    Sal – you have a great collection.

    Duchesse – Absolutely – it's great to have some really good pieces, but cost shouldn't stop anyone from wearing accessories. There are often artists who make great pieces for very reasonable costs – especially when starting out.

    Karen – lots of chain stores have great options – even places like Target.

    Cynthia – you are lucky and have trained your girls well! I always buy jewellery when travelling as it's a great reminder of where I've been, and doesn't take up room in my luggage.

    Metscan – I'm sure you have lovely pieces. I do find over time it's nice to update with a new accessory – it can keep you looking current and modern

    Kai – it's great to keep jewellery – it may go out of fashion, and you may get bored with it – but years later you will get a new enjoyment from it.

    Sara – great idea – also another one is pawn shops.

  • This winter I've bought some great scarves from Tree of Life. For jewellery I love ebay, especially for mimco and coach accessories. You can also find some great jewellery in many fashion chains, just last week I was in jigsaw and picked up an awesome chunky necklace reduced from $149 to $45, it was in their display cabinet and the sales assistant told me that not many people look there and sometimes they have amazing bargains there. So there's a hint check out the display cabinets in your favourite fashion shop, you never know what you might find!

  • I love vintage pieces at antique stores. My most recent purchases there are a black and white bangle, a very long chunky pearl necklace that I wear triple-strand like Jackie O, and a long chunky red bead necklace. I also love to collect old brooches!

  • I am very, very lucky to have a fashion-savvy aunt who makes jewelry and is very connected with the local art community. Most of my jewelry collection consists of gifts from her or from other women in my family, either pieces made by my aunt or her colleagues. She also periodically culls her collection and generously offers her hand-me-downs to us.

    Most of the rest of my jewelry is just cheap pieces form boutiques or massive retail sales.

  • Hi Imogen,
    I just posted about chandelier earrings – those made from the tear-drop chandelier crystals 🙂 For a few dollars you can make them yourself for a major-impact piece. (I'm just making a pair of pink ones…) Recessionista chic at its finest. Love your blog 🙂

  • they are so expensive! I just buy them whenever I see them if they don't cost as much as a dress or a coat!

  • Target is a great place for some super cheap and cheerful accessories. I have recently started stopping into Forever 21 for some wonderful and SUPER cheap necklaces.

  • Like many others here, my favourite place for well-priced accessories are flea markets and op shops. I'm particularly fond of the little opshops run by blue-rinsed pensioners (rather than the corporate-run ones like the Salvos), as you're more likely to find vintage-look items in them!

  • I love Etsy! You're right, there are some very reasonably priced treasures over there.

    About low cost accessories, I just have to be in the mindframe of keeping my eyes open–and my mind open, too! Recently I decided to look for necklaces. Found a couple I love at a teeny-bopper store in our local mall, for almost nothing.

    I do not have good luck at thrift or op shops. Around here they mostly have plastic jewelry. Wait a sec–I get lots of great shoes and have found many good bags at places like that–need to get over the ick factor of wearing someone else's shoes. I clean them and swipe out the inside with hand sanitizer and feel okay.

    Many of my scarves are made of old garments with lovely fabric, but in which the garment didn't work. s

  • Imogen, I just have to share this with you. I did find something special for me today- at an yearly antiques affair over here. It is a necklace,huge,but not long, and it has stones of different colors attached to it, a large silver coin, stars,circles,everything. It is made by a Swedish interior, textile,furniture and now even a jewelry designer. Many years ago I bought a small table designed by her. Amazing! This necklace has all the fun, contemporary, crazy elements I like. I think your post gave me the courage to buy it!

  • Some of my favourite accessories I found in op shops, especially statement necklaces. They often cost less than $5 and look great, many are also the style I can’t find in stores.

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